Understanding Facial Redness | red veins

Are you bothered by your red, blotchy skin? embarrassing spider veins? flushed appearance?

The most common cause of flushing and redness is the sun’s harmful rays. This breaks down the skins collagen and weakens its capillary network, resulting in dilated vessels. Lifestyle and environmental factors will also exacerbate these conditions and therefore modifying these factors will improve your skins overall health.

A personalised Skin Assessment with one of our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will determine a program utilising the latest skin strengthening cosmeceuticals alongside cutting edge treatments to ensure quick, safe and optimal results to reduce your redness concerns.

Types of Facial Redness we treat:

How we can help. Whether you have Rosacea or obvious facial veins, it’s this persistent redness that will only get worse over time. These conditions, if left untreated can progress and permanently damage facial skin. A personalised Skin Assessment with one of our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will ensure a successful treatment program.

Our leading IPL technology will reduce and even erase facial flushing, dilated vessels and Rosacea. Its targeted wavelengths and contact cooling abilities ensure a safe treatment with minimal downtime. Diathermy is the perfect alternative for those who are unable to have IPL or for treating hard to reach vessels.

Improvement. A reduction will be seen in the superficial and deeper vessels that cause flushing and redness in as little as 1 to 3 targeted treatments. Follow up treatments are required to maintain your results, and the frequency of these treatments depends upon your skin concerns and lifestyle choices.

Quick Results. No Downtime. To ensure quick results during your treatment program, increase the skins healing capacity, prolong time in between maintenance treatments and help prevent further damage, the daily use of AHAs, anti-inflammatory serums, antioxidants, vitamins, a non-irritating broad spectrum.

Please call our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists now for more information and to book a Skin Consultation.

In clinic and at home treatment solutions for facial redness and flushing: