Understanding Stretch Marks | striae lines

Stretch marks are permanent and currently there is no treatment available that causes a stretch mark to completely disappear. There are, however, several treatment options available to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks by improving the texture and colour.

A personalised Skin Assessment with one of our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will identify your stretch mark concern along with your expectations of revision to determine the best treatment program for you.

About Stretch Marks. When the skin undergoes rapid stretching due to; growth spurts, weight gain, muscle gain and pregnancy, the skin may be left with stretch marks. Stretch marks can range from red discoloured scars (Striae Ruba) to silver scars (Stria Alba).

Immediately after trauma the skin begins a series of processes to repair the damaged tissue. Collagen is quickly laid down to seal the wound, however this collagen is different in structure and therefore appearance to the surrounding skin. This scarring initially appears reddened slowly fading to a silver colour. These processes can take up to 5 years to completely heal the area, however with a scar revision program, improvement can be seen in as little as 4 to 15 treatments.

How we can Help.

Colour Correction. Our Laser powered IPL can help fade red discoloured stretch mark scars. This treatment works by targeting and heating the underlying blood vessels that cause the reddened appearance.

Textural Improvement. Q Switched Laser, Fractionated Laser, Dermal Rolling and Microdermabrasion encourage collagen and elastin to regrow in a stable and controlled environment, encouraging skin colour and texture to integrate into the stretch mark scared tissue whilst adding volume to the scar.

Quick Results. No Downtime. To ensure quick results during your program and increase the skins healing capacity, the daily use of AHA’s, home dermal rolling and dry body brushing is recommended. Ask us about Scar Recovery Gel.

Please call our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists now for more information and to book your Skin Assessment.