Understanding Unwanted Hair | permanent hair removal 

Unwanted hair? Excessive hair? Ingrown hairs? All your hairy issues can be treated at The Aesthetic Lounge using leading LASER and Intense Pulsed Light technologies alongside Electrolysis.

For Fast, safe and virtually pain free treatments provided only by our qualified Cosmetic Dermal Therapists. Why trust anyone else.

Permanent Hair Reduction for:

Facial and body areas we treat for unwanted hair:

How we can help. During a personalised consultation, your Cosmetic Dermal Therapist will assess your concerns to determine how many treatments you will need to gain an 80% permanent reduction of hair. Different body areas, skin colour, hair colour, thicknesses and density will determine which system will successfully treat your hair in minimal sessions.

Procedure. Permanent hair removal is noninvasive - there is no down time. Treatment times range from 5 - 90 minutes. Our LASER and IPL systems utilise leading technology with integrated cooling for maximum comfort, quick pulsing for speed and no messy gels.

Number of Treatments. Hair colour, body region, hair growth cycle, hormonal imbalances, individual reactions and tolerance all affect the number of treatments. Females will usually require 4 to 6 sessions and men, 8 sessions. Darker skin types, fairer hair or clients with elevated hormonal levels may require additional sessions.

Maintenance. Once the level of desired hair reduction is achieved, maintenance sessions can range from quarterly touch ups for hormonal conditions to a maintenance session once every few years.

Please call our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists now for more information and to book a Hair Removal Consultation.