Electrolysis | the only true form of permanent hair removal

With over 13 years combined of experience in Electrolysis, our Electrolygists will help you regain confidence with the removal of those stubborn white, grey, red and blonde hairs that LASER hair removal just can not treat. After many years of working with other electrologists, we choose Thermolysis over Galvanic. Thermolysis provides amazing and reliable results that even pregnant clients can benefit from.

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Safety . We only use single use, sterile, individually sealed two-piece needles. Two piece needles require extreme accuracy and skill but in return deliver quicker targeted results with less pain due to their ability to gain the "perfect insertion".

Permanency . A hair successully treated with electrolysis will only detach once it has heated through the dermal papillae, therefore a treatment cannot be made faster. A therapist which prematurley "plucks" the hair will result in quicker treatments however with no permanency or lasting results

Less Skin Reaction . Due to cryo-jet cooling, the surrounding skin is cooled and protected, resulting in a more comfortable treatment. Dermal cooling also massively reduce after effects such as; redness, welts and pimples.

Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis can be performed on any body area and any kind of hair. Upon consultation Yasmine will inform you if Electrolysis or IPL will help you achieve your best results.

Cryo jet cooling ensures minimal skin reaction and no pain, however numbing cream is available:

  • Topical Anesthetic A5 size | $35

Enhance your results and speed up recovery with our treatment boosters:

  • LED Light Therapy | $45
  • Cold Therapy Mask | $38
  • High Frequency | $15
  • Scar Recovery Gel | $14 - $162

Frequently Asked Questions