Laser Rejuvenation Melbourne

Our Revlite Q-Switched Laser rejuvenation is unlike any other laser as it produces extremely short pulses of high power at two depths of penetration. The 532nm wavelength is ideal for superficial pigmentation and the 1064nm wavelength for deep stubborn pigmentation, skin texture and wrinkle reduction. A revolutionary, non-invasive approach in removing face and body skin imperfections to achieve healthy skin in as little as one treatment.

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Advanced Technology . Revlite delivers 60% more power than the Medlite at full power. This precise power allows for superior skin rejuvenation in wrinkles, open pores, texture and pigmentation.

Efficacy . A thorough Skin Assessment and test patch are mandatory to ensure visible results within minimal treatments. By testing the tolerance of your skin colour to the energy delivered, ensures that our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists can begin your treatments at maximum settings to successfully rejuvenate your skin.

Qualified . Only qualified and highly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists provide our LASER powered IPL treatments. Our therapists remain up-to-date with treatment techniques through our Accredited Training College, the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

Colour Correction for the Body

A treatment for total body rejuvenation where sun damge and pigmentation need fading.

Colour Correction for the Face

Compared to IPL Colour Correction, these treatments are ideal for pigmentation only, especially stubborn and superficial pigmented lesions. These treatments are not suitable for dark (IV+) or Asian skin types.

Melasma Management

Melasma doesn't respond well to treatments that produce lots of heat, like IPL or Laser. The Q Switched Laser is ideal as it uses photo-acoustic (sound) energy, not the more common photo-thermal (heat) energy, therefore very little heat and pain are experienced. Melasma usually takes up to 4 sessions before it begins to break down and can take up to 15 treatments to be successfully treated. The results are worth the patience and effort.

Anti-Ageing Laser

Aged skin can mean many things to different people. These treatments focus on them all; superficial to deep pigmentation, collagen stimulation and textural improvement including refining open pores. Generally 6 treatments for the face and 3 for the body at monthly intervals are recommended for best results.

Anti-Acne Laser

Utilising the 1064nm wavelength, we manage to treat the deeper layers of infection, usually indicated by red, infected, swollen and sore breakouts. Treatments need to be performed at 1-2 week intervals for 6-10 sessions. We also highly recommend exfoliation and extractions to successfully combat the 3 causes of Acne.

Laser for Scar Revision

The 1064nm laser wavelength is ideal for older silver scars or brown pigmented scars. You will see fading, textural improvements and an increase in healing in 6 to 10 treatments.

ADD the following area/s and SAVE even more:

  • Localised Spot Treatment | $90
  • Age Intervention Neck | $149
  • Age Intervention Chest | $149
  • Age Intervention Hands | $149

Enhance your results and speed up recovery with our treatment boosters:

  • Hydrating Antioxidant Peel | $69
  • Microdermabrasion | $69
  • LED Light Therapy | $55
  • Oxygen Facial | $45
  • Extractions with High Frequency | $38
  • Cold Therapy Mask | $38

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