Understanding Melasma | stubborn facial pigmentation

Do you have brown blotchy pigment on your face that darkens in summer and fades over winter?

Melasma is the hardest form of pigmentation to treat, as the pigmentation can be present in both the upper layers of the skin called the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin, the dermis.

How we can help.

The Aesthetic Lounge offers simple, safe and personalised treatment and product programs to effectively fade Melasma. A thorough and informative Skin Consultation with one of our experienced Dermal Therapists will ensure your skin goals are achieved. We pride ourselves on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists, ensuring your skin is in safe hands.

As Melasma can be found within many layers of the skin and can also be heat sensitive. Therefore, The Aesthetic Lounge has a multi-phased treatment program to safely prepare, treat and maintain the health of your skin.

1: Gently exfoliate dead skin and sun damage build-up with LED Facials and Hydrating Skin Peels. This will also brighten and strengthen your skin ready for your Laser Rejuvenation treatments, allowing them to be as effective as possible. 

2: Fade blotchy Melasma from your skin with our Melasma Management Laser treatments. The gentle heating effect from out LASER energy will provide gradual fading of the pigmented melasma lesions.

3: Maintenance is key with Melasma therefore, monthly Hydrating Skin Peels or Laser treatments are required to maintain your results. The frequency of these treatments depends upon your skin concerns and lifestyle choices.  

Quick Results.

The daily use of your prescribed cosmeceutical products are a must to ensure effective results during your treatment program, increase the skins healing capacity, prolong time in between follow up sessions and help prevent further pigmentation forming and darkening.

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