Understanding Pigmentation | brown spots

What pigmentation do I have? Can I have more than one kind of pigmentation?

There are many different forms of pigmentation and when it comes to treating pigmentation there is one main attribute to identify. What sort of pigmentation do I  have?

The effects of the sun's harmful rays can have overwhelming effect on our skin.

Retexturise, fade + remove. 

Freckles                     Melasma

Sun spots                  Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation (PIH)

Sun Damage             Poikiloderma

Remove pigment + sun damage from.

Face                            Neck                        Chest

Shoulders                  Arms                        Hands

Back                           Stomach                  Legs

How we can help. 

The Aesthetic Lounge offers simple, safe and personalised treatment and product programs to visibly fade and remove your pigmentation. A thorough and informative Skin Consultation with one of our experienced Dermal Therapists will ensure your skin goals are achieved. We pride ourselves on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists, ensuring your skin is in safe hands. 

Different forms of pigmentation are found within layers of the skin. Therefore, The Aesthetic Lounge has a multi-phased approach to prepare, treat and maintain the health of your skin. This customised treatment and product program will target your pigment concerns from deep to superficial, for clear radiant skin.

1: Exfoliate and resurface dead skin and sun damage build-up with LED Facials and Microdermabrasion. This will also brighten dull, pigmented skin and allow for our Photorejuvenation treatments to be as effective as possible. 

2: Fade and remove brown pigment from your skin with our colour correction IPL Rejuvenation or Laser Rejuvenation treatments. 

3: Maintain your results with a monthly DermaHydration Facial to ensure your skin remains bright and even in colour.

Please note: the number of each treatment and the frequency between treatments will depend on your individual build-up of sun damage and your ageing concerns. 

Quick Results. 

The daily use of your prescribed cosmeceutical products are a must to brighten and fade unwanted brown spots, ensure quick results during your treatment program, increase the skins healing capacity, prolong time in between follow up treatments and help prevent further pigmentation forming.

Start your skin journey today! 

Enhance results + reduce downtime with our targeted upgrades for advanced results.