Understanding Scar Revision | treatments for scars

Scarring is permanent. Currently there is no treatment available that miraculously causes a scar to disappear. There are, however, several treatment options available to help minimise the appearance of scarring by blending its colour and texture into the surrounding skin and blurring the borders.

When the skin undergoes severe trauma or trauma with infection present, the end result is scarring. Scarring can range from discoloured skin, a linear scar, or pick/pock marks, to a chemical and heat burn scar. Immediately after trauma the skin begins a series of processes to repair the damaged tissue. Collagen is quickly laid down to seal the wound, however this collagen is different in structure and therefore the appearance of the surrounding skin is also different. This scarring initially appears reddened and slowly fades to a silver colour. These processes can take up to 5 years to completely heal, however with a scar revision program, improvement can be seen in as little as 4 treatments.

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Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment In Melbourne

Anybody that has been through the process of eliminating acne from their face or body will appreciate just how difficult and long the journey can be. It goes without saying that the sooner treatment is sought for this issue, the better. However, if your skin was affected by acne in the past and bears its scars then all hope is not lost in terms of achieving beautiful skin once again.

Laser Acne Scar Removal in Melbourne

At The Aesthetic Lounge, we specialise in laser acne scar removal in Melbourne to finish the process that they started by treating their acne. We are different from franchise salons and brand names. We are a team of genuine, certified and highly-qualified therapists that seek to make your experience on our premises an enjoyable and comfortable one. Our vast experience affords you the chance to tap into the very best treatments available. As such, we have become known as the skin clinic that achieves real results. 

Lasers are effective in treating many skin issues since they afford you a targeted treatment method. Laser light has a high-intensity effect on acne-related issues without impacting negatively on the neighbouring skin cells. As such, you gain the benefit of a tailor delivered solution that directly addresses the specific areas that you wish to treat.

Why Do We Need Acne Scar Removal In Melbourne?

Before you can treat acne scarring you must first be able to correctly identify the marks left behind. There are 3 main types of acne scars, 1. Pitted atrophic or pick mark scars, 2. Post inflammatory pigmentation or brown marks and 3. Red/purple like blemishes from inflammation in skin that is still healing. Each of these forms of scars require a different approach and will be addressed in each acne scar treatment.

Living in Melbourne’s unique ever changing climate exasperates acne as the dry winds and low humidity results in skin dehydration. A dehydrated skin that lacks water but has an over production of oil is the perfect storm for severe acne.  The net result of your acne persisting longer than it might with the right treatment is that scars are left behind once it has finally cleared. The more severe the acne, the more likely it is that the skin will scar.

One of the key ways that acne scars occur on the skin is from picking at pimples and congestion. We appreciate that it can be incredibly difficult to stay away from a spot that is spoiling your otherwise wonderful complexion, but the truth of the matter is, that self-picking and popping spots do more harm than good. Harmful bacteria and inflammation increases as a result, and collagen is lost, leading to permanent and unsightly acne scarring. This is why acne treatment in Melbourne at our skin clinic is the best option.         

Treat Your Skin to a Better Future Today

Whether you are experiencing acne or if you are trying to find a way to remedy the scars that acne left behind, then the smart move is to book an appointment at our clinic today. We are dedicated to delivering a satisfactory result and you can trust that our team will look after your skin with the utmost professionalism.

We deliver the best acne scar removal treatment in Melbourne. This process can restore your self-confidence and help you to achieve the perfect look that you hope for. The scars of acne do not have to be part of your complexion forever. Get in touch with us today and let’s help you achieve skin perfection with skin treatments in Melbourne.

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Fade, smooth + plump.

Acne Scars                              Discoloured Scars                              Trauma Scars

Pock Marks                             Stretch Marks (Striae)

Puckered Scars                      Hypertrophic Scars

Ingrown Hairs                        Burn Contracture Scars

Surgical Scars (e.g. post breast surgery, face lift, tummy tuck and arm tuck)

How we can help.

The Aesthetic Lounge offers simple, safe and personalised treatment and product programs to smooth and soften your scarring concerns. A thorough and informative Skin Consultation with one of our experienced Dermal Therapists will ensure your skin goals are achieved. We pride ourselves on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists, ensuring your skin is in safe hands. 

The effects of scarring come in many forms and concern us all differently. Therefore, The Aesthetic Lounge has a multi-phased approach to prepare, treat and maintain the health of your skin. This customised treatment and product program will target your scarring concerns from raised, stretched, brown coloured, pink coloured and indented.   

1: A thorough Skin Consultation to review the Stretch Marks to be treated and give an in depth understanding of how we can treat the skin to meet your skin goals.2

2: Exfoliate and resurface dead skin build-up with Microdermabrasion and LED. This will also brighten pigmented skin and allow for our IPL, Laser or dermal stamping treatments to be as effective as possible. 

3: Fade and remove brown pigment and redness from your scarring with our colour correction IPL Rejuvenation or Laser Rejuvenation treatments. 

4: Soften indented, raised and stretched scars with Fractionated Laser or Dermal Stamping by stimulating age-defying cells to refine and smooth your skin with new healthy cells and discarding the old.

Please note: the number of each treatment and the frequency between treatments will depend on your individual scarring concerns and goals.

Quick Results.

The daily use of your prescribed cosmeceutical products are a must to ensure quick results during your treatment program, increase the skins healing capacity, smooth and soften scaring and prolong time between follow up treatments.

Start your skin journey today!

Enhance results + reduce downtime with our targeted upgrades for advanced results.

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