Electrolysis | permanent hair removal for light hairs

Remove white, grey, red and blonde hairs with the ONLY FORM OF PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL FOR LIGHT COLOURED HAIRS available on the market.

With over 25 years of combined experience our Electrolygists will help you permanantly remove your unwanted hairs. 

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Safety . We only use single use, sterile needles to deliver quicker targeted results with less pain due to their ability to gain the "perfect insertion".

Less Skin Reaction . Unlike other clinics cryo-jet cooling is used to massively reduce possible after effects such as; redness, welts and breakouts. This also allows for a more comfortable treatment.

100% Guaranteed . Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal and in our 25+ years, we have not had even one client not acheive permanent results.

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Electrolysis In Melbourne

A common misconception exists that certain beauty treatments involve a great degree of pain. Sometimes the name of a treatment alone is enough to put a person off. However, we live in a time of technological innovation, and this affords any person that wants to enhance the way their skin and body looks many different ways to achieve it that are simple, effective and affordable. 

Electrolysis Hair Removal in Melbourne

Electrolysis hair removal is delivered in Melbourne here at The Aesthetic Lounge. We are different from the brand salons and franchises in the sense that we are an independent clinic that seeks to achieve better, more personalised treatments for its clientele. Those who put a premium on having a healthy, attractive, flawless appearance know that when they book an appointment with our highly trained and experienced therapists, they will achieve their skin goals. 

We like to keep abreast of all innovations in our industry and regularly undergo learning and training to determine whether there are better ways to help you get the beautiful skin that you want. Whether you need a skin issue eliminated or hair removed or appropriate protection to help prevent damage, rest assured that we are the best-placed professionals to help you out. 

Why So Many People Opt for Electrolysis for Hair Removal

While the name ‘electrolysis’ might inspire thoughts of pain, the reality is that when performed correctly, it is a relatively straightforward treatment during which a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a tiny current  is introduced for few seconds. 

The net effect, over several sessions, is that the hair is destroyed and no hair will regrow in that spot. The sensation is more prickly than painful. You won’t have to worry about cutting yourself with shavers or irritating the skin or deal with ingrown hairs and regrowth. It’s a simple, effective way to achieve 100% permanent hair removal.

Anyone that looks for electrolysis in Melbourne will most likely have tried out other forms of hair removal without success. Waxing, threading, shaving and plucking are short-term solutions that requires continued efforts to keep hairs away. Laser hair removal is another semi-permanent option that in certain hair types can worsen the hair growth, but with electrolysis, the difference is that you won’t have to continue your treatments into the future. Once you have completed the sessions required for your hair, you can depend on the results lasting. 

Given that electrolysis is a very precise hair removal treatment, it is not as limited as other hair removal options and can, therefore, be used on all parts of the body and all hair colours including red, grey and white. As such, regardless of where you want to eliminate hair growth, this treatment can target individual hair follicles and bring about the results that you have in mind. 

While on paper it might seem that electrolysis is a more expensive option, it is worth considering the cost in the long term compared to the alternatives. Your treatment plan is a one-off that will not need to be repeated, whereas shaving, waxing or laser will require continued investment for as long as you wish to achieve the same effect.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Here at The Aesthetic Lounge, our highly personalised approach has made us a firm favourite among local clients as well as those from much further away. We are not far away from Melbourne’s CBD and given that we excel with regards to all skin treatments in Melbourne, we promise that no matter how far you have to come, you will be met with a warm welcome and enjoy a comfortable, stress-free setting. 

We offer the best electrolysis in Melbourne with a proven track record delivered by a team that is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and who want to enhance your appearance however you wish. Book an appointment at our beauty salon in Hampton today.

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Hair Removal Consultation

Consultation | $90 redeemable*

During your hair removal consultation our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will assess your unwanted hair concerns to determine how many treatments you will need to gain up to a 100% permanent reduction of hair with electrolysis.

As different body areas, hormones, genetics, skin colours, hair colour, thicknesses and density all effect the outcome of a successful treatment, we will determine which form of permanent hair removal will successfully treat your hair in minimal sessions. Packages are available upon consultation.

Please note all new clients to The Aesthetic Lounge will require a consultation, even if you have had electrolysis previously at other clinics.

Hair Removal Consultation

Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis can be performed on any body area and on any kind of hair.

Upon consultation one of our Electrologists will determine if Electrolysis, IPL or Laser will help you achieve hair free results.

The great advantage of electrolysis over IPL and Laser is that it's safe to continue your treatments during pregnancy.

Electrolysis 10
$55 | allow 20 minutes

For treating just a few hairs or as a touch-up after previous treatments.

Electrolysis 15
$75 | allow 25 minutes

Ideal for small areas like eyebrows or sides of the upper lip.

Electrolysis 20
$95 | allow 30 minutes

Ideal for slightly larger areas like the lip and chin.

Electrolysis 30
$135 | allow 40 minutes

Ideal if you have a few areas of concern like; upper lip, chin and cheeks.

Electrolysis 40
$175 | allow 50 minutes

Most clients will not need more than 30 minutes, but occasionally extra time is needed for larger areas.

Electrolysis 60
$215 | allow 70 minutes

For treating large areas such as; armpits, stomach and bikini line.

Enhance results, reduce downtime and remove ingrown hairs.

  • What is Electrolysis?

    Electrolysis is the only true form of permanent hair removal, more so than laser hair removal. Our electrolysis unit utilises a method known as thermolysis, RF, shortwave or diathermy, which emits high frequency (HF) energy. The electrolysis probe, itself, does not get hot. This HF energy is used to heat surrounding tissue to produce electrocoagulation (heating the target hair bulb to about 48 degrees). Most of the high frequency energy leaves at the tip of the probe, protecting your skin. Once the bulb has been sufficiently heated the hair detaches and comes straight out.

  • Who is suitable for Electrolysis?

    Most clients can have Electrolysis, including pregnant clients, as we use Thermolysis. However, darker skin types are advised to be on a specific skin lightening cream to reduce any possible pigmentation side effects from the treatment. Clients with a pacemaker will need a doctor's certificate to ensure your safety.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Ideally if every single hair was present at each treatment and each hair was in the growing stage of its cycle then only one treatment would be needed, however this is not possible so it takes around 6 treatments on an individual hair to permanently remove it.

    Furthermore, for many different reasons, it is not possible to treat every single hair each treatment, therefore it takes around 8 to 12 sessions in total to clear an area and possibly a few extra sessions if the hairs were waxed or plucked at the beginning of your first session.

  • What does Electrolysis feel like?

    You will feel a momentary and localised heating sensation which will last from 4 to 20 seconds, depending on the individual hair. Discomfort is minimal for most people, but individual tolerances vary greatly. Keep in mind that some areas of the face and body are less sensitive than others.

    Topical anesthetic is available, if needed at an additional cost, however the use of cold packs or cryo cooling is usually sufficient.

  • How will I look immediately after my treatment?

    Unlike laser hair removal, immediately post treatment you will be hair free, as the individual treated hair is removed from the follicle. A slight localised reddening and/or swelling of the skin may occur during or shortly after the treatment, lasting 30 minutes to 48 hours. Rarely some clients can experience slight dryness or even little white heads on the treated follicle for a short time.

    Electrolysis works by inserting a single-use, sterilised probe into the hair follicle to destroy the growth centre of the hair root. A slight reddening or swelling of the skin may occur during or after the treatment, but this will only last for a short time.

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