Laser Rejuvenation Melbourne

Reverse the signs of premature ageing by removing brown pigment and fine lines created by sundamage. Treat sore swollen breakouts and acne for clear smooth skin.

The precise power of our Q-switched LASER, will effectively target your skin concerns for visible results every treatment.

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Education and Experience . The Aesthetic Lounge prides itself on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists to perform your LASER treatments, ensuring your skin is in safe hands.

Efficacy . From maintenance to intensive rejuvenating treatments, your therapist will tailor your treatment and product program to provide you with visible results. We will provide a thorough Skin Consultation, including a test patch to ensure we successfully target your skin goals.

Advanced Technology . The Aesthetic Lounge offers LASER treatments unlike no other with our dual depth LASER treatments, ensuring your skin concerns are effectively targeted every treatment...for visible results.


Personalised Skin Consultations

Anti-Ageing Laser

Target all things ageing with our Anti-Ageing Laser treatments to effectively treat light and dark brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture, all while stimulate age defying cells for a youthful glowing skin!

Colour Correction for the Face

Fade and remove stubborn brown spots and discolourations and rejuvenate fine lines caused by sun damage for clear, smooth skin. 

These treatments are not suitable for tanned, dark or asian skin types.

Colour Correction for the Body

Fade and remove brown spots and rejuvenate premature ageing caused by sun damage for clear, smooth skin. 

Anti-Acne Laser

Treat the deep layers of red, infected, swollen and sore breakouts with our Anti-Acne Laser treatments. Performed at 1-2 week intervals, for 6-10 sessions. 

For superior results combining your Anti-Acne Laser treatments with Detox Facials will successfully combat all 3 causes of Acne.

Melasma Management

Lighten Melasma and restore your mottled pigment to as close to your natural skin colour as possible with our targeted treatments.

This no down-time laser treatment, will quickly start breaking up this stubborn brown pigment and fade its overall appearance. Usually taking 4-15 treatments to break-down, lighten and successfully treat.

Laser for Scar Revision

Fade brown pigmented scars and improve the texture and feel of older silver/ skin coloured scars with Laser Scar Revision in as little as 6-10 treatments.

ADD the following area/s and further your skin perfection!

  • Age Intervention Neck | $149
  • Age Intervention Chest | $149
  • Age Intervention Hands | $149
  • Localised Spot Treatment | $90

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