Laser Rejuvenation Melbourne

Reverse the signs of premature ageing by removing brown pigment and fine lines created by sundamage. Treat sore swollen breakouts and acne for clear smooth skin.

The precise power of our Q-switched LASER, will effectively target your skin concerns for visible results every treatment.

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Education and Experience . The Aesthetic Lounge prides itself on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists to perform your LASER treatments, ensuring your skin is in safe hands.

Efficacy . From maintenance to intensive rejuvenating treatments, your therapist will tailor your treatment and product program to provide you with visible results. We will provide a thorough Skin Consultation, including a test patch to ensure we successfully target your skin goals.

Advanced Technology . The Aesthetic Lounge offers LASER treatments unlike no other with our dual depth LASER treatments, ensuring your skin concerns are effectively targeted every treatment...for visible results.


Personalised Skin Consultations

Discovery Facial | $225
*up to $115 redeemable on skincare

An interactive skin consultation and a customised facial all in one.

Lay back and relax as one of our passionate Cosmetic Dermal Therpists assess your skin concerns and needs during an interactive facial session. This allows you to truly relax and for our skin expert to properly assess how your skin reacts to certain products and treatments.

At the end of your Discovery Facial you will leave feeling polished, deeply cleansed and hydrated. You will feel a sense of ease and excitment knowing exactly how we are going to achieve your skin goals with a plan of action as to how we can, with a combination of our life changing skincare products and corrective treatments, make real positive and long term changes to your skin.

Consultation | $90 redeemable*

If your new to The Aesthetic Lounge a skin consultation with your first LASER Rejuvenation treatment is for you.

This in depth consultation with our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will ensure all of your skin goals are achieved with a personalised treatment and product program.

Everyone's skin goals are different, and skin concerns and conditions can range in severity.

Ageing, Sun Damage, Brown Spots, Redness, Breakouts, Scarring + much more! We are here to help you achieve your skin goals.

Skin programs that include LASER Rejuvenation will include a test patch.

Anti-Ageing Laser

Target all things ageing with our Anti-Ageing Laser treatments to effectively treat light and dark brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture, all while stimulate age defying cells for a youthful glowing skin!

Age Intervention | $499

Resurface, brighten and plump with our Age Intervention Facial for a serious skin refresher 

  • Skin Cleanse
  • Resurfacing Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion will lift away dry, dull skin cells to maximise the benefits of the IPL
  • Rejuvenating IPL will penetrate deep within the skin to remove sun damage and stimulate age defying cells
  • Lactobotanical peel delivers antioxidants + vitamins to feed the skin
  • Cold Therapy Mask calms and cools the skin 
  • Relaxing scalp massage
  • anti-ageing serum + sunscreen
  • Your treatment then continues 1-2 days later with a free LED healing light therapy to increase recovery by 50%

Laser Rejuvenation | $370

Treat fragile and ageing skin by stimulating collagen and elastin to plump the skin from within. This gentle warming Laser treatment is safe for even the darkest skins which can commonly pigment from Laser and IPL treatments. 

Anti-Ageing Laser Facial | $265

Stimulate collagen and elastin and reverse the signs of ageing with our Anti-Ageing LASER Facials... the perfect introduction to our light therapies or as a monthly maintenance post photo rejuvenation.

  • Skin Cleanse
  • Acid peel exfoliation to rejuvenate tired, dull skin
  • LASER rejuvenation
  • Plumping therapeutic mask + scalp massage
  • Customised antioxidant serum + sunscreen

Colour Correction for the Face

Fade and remove stubborn brown spots and discolourations and rejuvenate fine lines caused by sun damage for clear, smooth skin. 

These treatments are not suitable for tanned, dark or asian skin types.

Laser Peel | $490

Supercharge your Laser Rejuvenation treatments with our Laser Peel and give your ageing, sundamaged skin a serious reset!

For advanced results 1-2 treatments at monthly intervals are recommended, please also allow 4 days for recovery. Only suitable for fair skin types.

Laser Rejuvenation | $370

Remove brown discoloured facial spots, freckles and sun damage in 2-3 treatments, at monthly intervals for superior and visible results.

Lip Pigmentation | $150

Remove freckles caused by sun damage on the lips in 1-2 treatments at monthly intervals.

Pigmented Lesion | $90

Target and fade 1-5 brown sun spots in as little as 1-2 treatments at monthly intervals.

Colour Correction for the Body

Fade and remove brown spots and rejuvenate premature ageing caused by sun damage for clear, smooth skin. 

Body Areas | $140 - $560

Target sun damaged over any body areas by fading and removing freckles and light brown spots. This treatment is also perfect for stubborn, yellow pigment that has faded from previous treatments. Not suitable for tanned, dark or asian skin types.

  • Neck | $140
  • Shoulders | $280
  • Chest | $280
  • Half Arms | $420
  • Back of Hands | $140
  • Half Legs | $560*

Underarm Pigmentation | $90

Clients with darker and easily tanned skin can experience a "shadow" of darker brown skin under the armpit area.

For visible results 5-10 treatments at 4 week intervals are recommended. 

Hemosiderin Stains | POA

Hemosiderin staining forms after trauma or haemorrhage as it results from the breakdown of red blood cellsThey can be yellow-brown coloured like a bruise, and heal to a dark purple or rusty colour. 

Most commonly seen on the legs, 5-10 treatments are recommended.

Anti-Acne Laser

Treat the deep layers of red, infected, swollen and sore breakouts with our Anti-Acne Laser treatments. Performed at 1-2 week intervals, for 6-10 sessions. 

For superior results combining your Anti-Acne Laser treatments with Detox Facials will successfully combat all 3 causes of Acne.

Anti-Acne Laser | $270

Clear breakouts over the lower 3/4 face with our Anti-Acne Laser treatment. For visible results treat in conjunction with the Anti-Acne PhotoFacial to detox and remove breakouts. 

Back Acne Laser | $270 A5 size

Clear breakouts over the back with our Anti-Acne Laser treatment. For visible results treat in conjunction with the back detox facial to clarify and remove congestion. 

Back/Chest Acne Laser Facial | $275

Target acne, oil, congestion and scarring with the same treatment as the Active-Acne Laser Facial but on the upper back or chest areas.

Anti-Acne Laser Facial | $265

Reduce active-acne and clear breakouts by targeting the 3 causes of acne; skin build up, excess oil and bacteria with our LASER Facials

  • Skin Cleanse
  • Enzyme/ acid peel exfoliation to remove thickened skin build-up
  • Extractions to remove breakouts + congestion
  • Anti-Acne LASER treatment targets bacteria
  • Anti-bacterial mask + scalp massage
  • Customised serum + sunscreen 

Melasma Management

Lighten Melasma and restore your mottled pigment to as close to your natural skin colour as possible with our targeted treatments.

This no down-time laser treatment, will quickly start breaking up this stubborn brown pigment and fade its overall appearance. Usually taking 4-15 treatments to break-down, lighten and successfully treat.

Facial Melasma | $180

For treating multiple "muddy" patches of Melasma over the face.

Localised Melasma | $90

  • Forehead | $90
  • Under Eyes | $90
  • Cheeks | $90
  • Upper Lip | $90

Laser for Scar Revision

Fade brown pigmented scars and improve the texture and feel of older silver/ skin coloured scars with Laser Scar Revision in as little as 6-10 treatments.

Scar Revision | $260

Fade and decrease silver stretch marks, old post-surgical scars, brown acne scars and much more! Treatments are performed fortnightly and prices are for an A5 or 3/4 face sized area.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation | $90 per 10 minutes

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) happens when physical trauma occurs. This causes the skin to overproduce pigmentation, leaving brown blotches on the skin.

Low level laser treatments in combination with a lightening skin serum is a must to stop further irritation and further darkening of the PIH.

ADD the following area/s and further your skin perfection!

  • add Age Intervention Neck | $149
  • add Age Intervention Chest | $149
  • add Age Intervention Hands | $149
  • add Localised Spot Treatment | $90
  • Who is suitable for Laser Rejuvenation?

    Q-Switched Laser Rejuvenation is suitable for most skin types and conditions, including darker and tanned skin.

    A Skin Consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians will ensure a personalised treatment and product program is created to specifically target your skin goals.

    Laser Rejuvenation treatments achieve amazing results however, they are serious treatments and therefore the skin must be prepared adequately to achieve the best results and minimise risk and downtime.    

    Laser Rejuvenation effectively treats:

    • Brown spots and Pigmentation
    • Sun damage and Ageing
    • Fine lines and Wrinkles
    • Open pores
    • Acne scarring
    • Acne
    • Silver stretch marks
    • Melasma
    • Surgical scar revision

    Laser Rejuvenation is not recommended for pregnant women, epilepsy sufferers, autoimmune disorders and clients undergoing cancer treatment

  • What does Laser Rejuvenation feel like?

    Depending on the depth achieved by the treatment, you may experience a mild pins and needles type of sensation and a gentle warming on the skin. 



  • How will I look immediately after the treatment?

    Mild to moderate redness and swelling is typically experienced after your treatment. You will look and feel as though you have been sunburnt.  

    Depending on the condition treated, redness and swelling can last between several minutes, up to 72 hours. If brown spots are treated, these spots will gradually darken over 24 hours and slough off 5 days later. This will be longer for body areas, your therapist will advise you on timeline based on the areas treated at the time of your Skin Consultation.

  • What is the difference between non-ablative and ablative Laser Rejuvenation?

    Non-ablative Lasers coagulate tissue, whereas, ablative Laser beams vaporise the affected tissue to completely remove it.  

    As non-ablative lasers keep the outer layer of skin in place, it reduces adverse reactions and complications from occurring, with faster recovery time.

    Non-ablative laser procedures, like ours, have minimal to no downtime, while ablative procedures provide a single treatment option with massive downtime and higher risk of complications.

  • What sets The Aesthetic Lounge apart from other clinics?

    At The Aesthetic Lounge, you can be confident that only qualified and expertly trained Dermal Therapists are performing your treatments. All our clinical machinery has been TGA and FDA approved for safe, effective and advanced results.

    Unfortunately this industry is unregulated in Victoria so it’s important not to base decisions regarding clinical treatments on price alone. Poorly performed treatments will cost you more in the long run. At best you will experience little to no results and worst case you may end up with permanent damage or scarring.

    Laser treatments are serious treatments and need to be treated as such. Don’t trust your skin with just anyone!

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