Permanent Hair Removal Melbourne | IPL LASER Electrolysis

Permanently remove any colour hairs from dark to white with one of our IPL, LASER or Electrolysis treatments.

For men, women and teens, all skin colours including tanned - we have you covered.

Please note: all of our Hair Removal prices are based on the length of time it takes to do your treament, our prices shown are a guide only.

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Education and Experience . The Aesthetic Lounge prides itself on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists to perform your IPL, LASER and Electrolysis treatments, ensuring your skin is in safe hands.

Efficacy . From maintenance to intensive rejuvenating treatments, your therapist will tailor your treatment and product program to provide you with visible results. We will provide a thorough Skin Consultation, including a test patch to ensure we successfully target your hair removal goals.

Advanced Technology . From leading IPL and LASER technology for difficult fine hairs on dark skin types to electrolysis for everything in between; grey, blonde and red hairs all permanently treated.


Hair Removal Consultation

Consultation | $90 redeemable*

During your consultation our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will assess your unwanted hair concerns to determine how many treatments you will need to gain up to a 95% permanent hair reduction. Whether its IPL, LASER or Electrolysis that will best suit your unwanted hair concerns we are here to help.

Different body areas, skin colours, hair colour, thicknesses and density will determine which IPL wavelength will successfully treat your hair in minimal sessions. Your IPL Hair Reduction Assessment will include a complimentary IPL test patch to determine which energy settings will achieve desired results. Packages are available upon consultation.


IPL for Unwanted Body Hair

Perfect for all body areas, skin colours and as an ingrown hair removal treatment.

Body hairs grow back slower due to decreased blood flow in these areas. Our advanced Laser powered IPL systems ensure treatment intervals are 8-10 weeks apart due to their superior ability to correctly heat the hair and terminate its re-growth.

Back + Shoulders

Chest + Stomach


Lower Leg

Bikini G-String / Brazilian

Bikini Line / Extended

Arms Half / Full


IPL for Unwanted Facial Hair

Effectively treat coloured male and female unwanted facial hair on all skin colours with our Medical Grade IPL systems, and be virtually hair free in as little as 3-6 treatments!

Treatments for the face are performed at 6-8 week intervals.

Full Face

3/4 Face inc. Lip

Jawline and Neck

Lip or Chin

Laser Hair Reduction

Treat any skin colour, including dark skin with dark fine hair.

Normally fine hair on dark skin cannot be treated with most Laser's or IPL's due to the increased risk of burns, however this type of hair can successfully be reduced by 50% with our Laser Hair Reduction treatments. We recommend 8-12 treatments at monthly intervals along with maintenance treatments.

Please refer to our IPL price guide above.



With over 10 year's experience in Electrolysis our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will help you regain confidence with the removal of those stubborn hairs that LASER and IPL hair removal just cannot treat, and on any skin colour. 

The great advantage of electrolysis over IPL and Laser is that it's safe to continue your treatments during pregnancy.

Find out more about Electrolysis, click here.

$55-$215 | 10-60 minutes

Upgrade your treatment for advanced results.

Enhance results, reduce downtime and remove ingrown hairs.

  • Who is suitable for IPL or Laser Hair Removal?

    Our advanced IPL and Laser systems allow for darker skin types to successfully treat their unwanted hair facial and body. For clients with fair coloured hair, as long as the hair shaft and bulb has medium to dark pigment you are suitable to have IPL or Laser hair reduction.

    IPL/Laser hair reduction does not work on hairs that are grey, red or blonde (Electrolysis is then advised). IPL/Laser is not suitable for pregnant women, cancer patients undergoing treatment, autoimmune disorders or anyone that suffers from epilepsy.

  • How do I prepare my skin for my hair removal treatment?

    Make sure you do not wax, pluck, epilate the hair you want treated IPL/Laser for at least 4 weeks prior to your session. Shave the entire area thoroughly so that your skin is prepped and ready to go for the hair removal treatment, however you do not need to do this for Q Switch laser. Do not use fake tan or expose your skin to the sun over the course of your treatments.

  • How will I look immediately after the Permanent Hair Removal treatment?

    Mild localised redness and follicular swelling may be experienced, however this will subside within in a few hours. If you have obvious freckles and pigmentation on the area being treated, the light based therapy can also be attracted to this pigment and temporarily make it look darker, however over time this will lighten and even up your skin tone.

  • When can I have my next Hair Removal treatment?

    IPL, like Laser, hair removal intervals depend on the area being treated. For facial hair we recommend treatments every 6 to 8 weeks and for body areas every 10 to 12 weeks is ideal.

    Treatments performed too closely together will result in more treatments overall being needed to acheive permanent results. Having body areas treated at monthly intervals is a waste of your time and money. Successful and permanent results relies on client patience and therapist knowledge.

  • How many IPL or Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?

    Every individual will need to be assessed and advised on their particular treatment program as IPL hair reduction works best on a lighter skin type with dark hair. On average most clients will need 4 to 5 treatments.

    Fine, light brown hairs against a darker skin type will need more sessions to get the desirable results and an adequate permanent reduction.

    Clients who have hormonal imbalances, such as PCOS or hirsutism will require additional treatments, along with maintenance treatments.

    Male clients usually require 2 extra sessions also.

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