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How does my skin change during Winter?

Grab a blanket and your favourite mug of tea, Winter is officially here! 

It's a tough adjustment for our delicate skin and we need to take extra care of our body's largest organ as it adapts to the change of season.  We’re experiencing more significant temperature fluctuations with chilly weather outdoors and overheating indoors and this is sending mixed messages and wreaking havoc on our skin!  

The low humidity levels lead to dry and dehydrated skin which if left untreated, will cause irritation, breakouts and ultimately, ageing! Bundling up in layers of clothes also contributes to dry skin on our face and body and leaves it vulnerable to irritation and itchiness.  Winter time is harsh on our motivation and on our skin, but there is relief!

Banish those Winter blues and love your skin this season with The Aesthetic Lounge.


Prevent premature aging with targeted Winter care

Dry and dehydrated skin is a common Winter concern due to low humidity levels, cold outdoors and overheated indoors. 

When the skin's natural oils and water content aren't at their optimal levels, the skin is unable to perform it's normal functions and it is left vulnerable to irritants, environmental pollution and even stress.  Fine lines and wrinkles intensify and appear more prominent than they would otherwise be when the skin lacks moisture. 

As cold and flu season is upon us, sickness adds more stress to the body and let's be honest - we're not following our AM and PM skin routine when we barely have the energy to get out of bed to feed ourselves!  Healing capacity is diminished and free radicals can damage the structure of the skin, leading to premature aging. 

We need to focus on keeping our skin nourished during Winter so that it can continue protecting us as well as we protect it.  The Aesthetic Lounge has designed targeted skin treatments to maintain skin health during Winter and our experienced Skin Therapists will customise the optimal skincare routine for your skin's specific needs.


Mix it up!

It is vital to switch up your skincare over Winter to target the damaging effects this season brings. 

Foaming and gel cleansers may be suitable for your skin during Summer and Autumn but should be switched to cream or oil formulations to avoid stripping the skin in Winter. 

Hydration is vital to keep your skin radiant and healthy but your Autumn serums may not cut it during the colder months.  You need nourishing serums to feed the skin vital nutrients and these should be locked into place with a good quality moisturiser, nourishing enough to keep you hydrated and protected all day.

Speak to our Dermal Clinicians about your current routine and learn how you can optimise it to continue to see positive changes in your skin and keep it glowing! 


Winter Rays

Sunshine may feel like a distant memory but those harmful UV rays are still working undercover to damage your skin!  Don't forget to apply your sun protection on a daily basis to prevent premature aging and brown spots from appearing.

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