Anti-Bacterial Cosmetics


If you feel like you’ve tried every anti-bacterial cosmetics to combat your breakouts yet nothing works, we have the key to resolve Acne, fast. With our targeted skincare rituals, you will diminish bacteria, polish away congested skin and reduce excess oil. For clear, radiant blemish-free skin.

Acne is a skin condition that all skin types can experience at some point. Depending on your skin type, whether you are dry, sensitive or oily, acne can present differently from skin to skin. Along with your skin type, the level of hydration or lack thereof, will determine which antibacterial skin care ingredients you need to combat your Acne prone skin.

Our favourite hero antibacterial skin care ingredients to look out for in our  Anti-acne skincare are hydrating AHA Fruit Acids, purifying Salicylic Acid, healing Vitamin B and detoxifying Vitamin A.

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