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The Results Program is the quickest and easiest way to achieve the clear, rejuvenated skin that you’ve always dreamt of. Over 12 weeks, receive 6 specialised treatments for your face or body, targeted to your skin goals.

Take the first step by booking in an interactive Discovery Skin Treatment to find out if a Results Program is for you.


When Only Extraordinary Will Do

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Because of this it has a lot to contend with each day, from internal stressors to external aggressors, it’s safe to say your skin does a lot for you. Eventually the wear and tear on your body starts to show through on your skin.

All your skin needs is the Results Program; skilled skin experts and specialised treatments to help it recover and feel renewed.

More than just skin deep, the Results Program will transform your skin both visually on the surface and deeper down where the damage began. Rapid and long-term results are achieved through a series of our customised treatments that repair this skin damage, caused over the years. With every single treatment you will see your skin transforming, making it a really exciting program for you and your skin expert.


Refuse to be ordinary

12 Weeks

6 Treatments

Fast Results

Massive Savings

Unlimited Possibilities

the results program will Target these skin concerns

Erase Sun Damage

Sun damage is ageing, from superficial to deep pigmentation, rough thickened skin, wrinkles, red veins, and even looking like you are consistently sun burnt (when you’re not), are all signs sun exposure that has led to your skin being sun damaged. We can reverse the signs sun damage in as little as 12 weeks with our Results Program.

Fade Pigmentation

Pigment damage is more than skin deep, so if you have found it difficult to treat and stay on top of in the past, our Results Program is for you. From freckles to sunspots and Melasma to poikiloderma, and even post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH), now is the time to fade away your pigment woes.

Even Out Redness

Ever feel like you’re looking hot and flustered most of the time, even when you’re not? Chances are it’s the damaged blood vessels in your skin causing the flushed and sometimes swollen looking complexion on your face, neck or decolletage. If you have noticed some degree of redness, from mild flushing to Rosacea and fine broken blood vessels to ropey blue spider veins, our Results Program is targeted to reduce redness and reveal a calm, even complexion.

Soften Wrinkles

We all age and it’s perfectly normal to want to improve your complexion, prevent ageing and wish for the skin you once had. From fine lines to deeper wrinkles and even expression lines, the Results Program is targeted to regenerate collagen and elasticity, strengthen weakened skin and soften facial lines and wrinkles to unveil your youthful appearance.

Smooth Texture

Open pores, lax skin and a rough and uneven texture becomes more obvious as we age. As the underlying support structures of our skin deteriorate and give way, we start to notice loose skin, thinning skin and even thickened, sallow skin. A series of targeted treatments in the Results Program will tighten and remove the build up, revealing smaller pores and a smooth and firmer complexion.

 Revise Scarring

It’s never too late to minimise and fade the appearance of scars, including red, purple and brown discoloured scars, textured scars that are raised, indented or lax and even old scars. From surgical to traumatic scars and stretch marks to acne scars, the specialised treatments within our Results Program are designed to rapidly fade and breakdown the damaged tissue to reactivate and restore new healthy skin.

Let us help you choose from these results driven treatments

Laser Rejuvenation

IPL Colour Correction

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

Dermal Stamping

Fractionated Laser

And Transform Your Skin

No two skins are alike, and because everyone experiences skin concerns differently, we will create a personlised program from any 6 of our most specialised, targeted and results-driven treatments, ensuring you reach your skin goals.

In as little as 12 weeks we will erase sun damage, fade pigmentation, even out redness, soften wrinkles, revise scarring and smooth your skin texture, making it perfect for anyone on a deadline…brides-to-be, mother-of-the-bride, for a special occasion or an event.

If you want your skin to look the best it ever has or if you’re feeling that your skin is in need of a make-over, you need the Results Program.


Are you ready for results?!

New To The Aesthetic Lounge?

If you haven’t been to The Aesthetic Lounge before we recommend you start with a Discovery Skin Treatment. It’s the best way for our skin experts to accurately diagnose and inform you about your skin and how we can help you reach your goals with the Results Program.

This interactive, hands-on skin assessment also includes a customised Starter Skin Treatment, so you will not only leave feeling excited to start your skin journey, but your skin will feel polished and hydrated too!

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Already A Part Of The Aesthetic Lounge Family?

Great! If you are a current skin member or if you have already been having our Advanced Skin Treatments and using our prescribed skincare, we know your skin will be strong enough to get straight into our Results Program.

Simply give us a call, 95983451 or email to organise a consultation with your next treatment and your skin expert can get you started on your next transformation with the Results Program.



Can I jump straight into the Results Program?

Yes, you can jump straight into a Results Program if:

  • Your skin is already accustomed to our Advanced Skin Treatments and using the skincare we have prescribed for you,
  • or You are a current Skin Perfection or Elite Member,
  • or You have just completed a Fast-Track Package.

Please note, all relevant consent forms and test patches need to be completed before your first Results Program treatment.

Skin preparation is required before a Results Program if:

  • You are new to The Aesthetic Lounge,
  • or haven’t recently had one of our Advanced Skin Treatments,


  • Not currently using our prescribed skincare products.

Simply book in for a Discovery Facial or a Fast-Track Package to get started.

How much is a Results Program and how much will I save buying a package?

The Results Program is an upfront payment of $2268, that’s only $378 per treatment! Depending on the combination of treatments you need, you can save up to $1326.

What's the difference between a Results Program and Skin Membership?

Our Results Program and Skin Memberships are very different and can even be combined. Depending on your skin concerns, timeline, budget and goals, our skin experts can help you choose which will be the right course of treatments.

Our Skin Memberships are a great, cost-effective way to have monthly facials and treatments over a course of year, whilst receiving 10% discounts on additional treatments, skincare products and skincare tools. Many of our clients use the Memberships as maintenance programs, so once they have achieved their skin goals, they can continue to maintain and further improve their skin and wellbeing whilst saving money.

A Results Program is fast and cost-effective way to have 6 of our Specialised Treatments like Laser, IPL, Plasma and Dermal Stamping over a 12 week period. Rather than skin maintenace, this program is targeted to rapidly improve the appearance of more stubborn skin concerns like, sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, scarring and overall skin texture.

What results can I expect to achieve?

The Results Program has been designed to be flexible and fully customised to each individual, each skin concern and the body area to be treated so that you gain maximum efficacy and visible results.

All of our before and after photos are a realistic representation of the actual results you may achieve. Sometimes dependent on the individuals skin condition, tolerance level, at-home skincare routine, medications and lifestyle, results can vary and be either more or less than what was expected.

What is the duration of the Results Program?

The Results Program is a 12 week treatment course, allowing each treatment to be performed at the ideal 2 to 3 week interval. However depending on the treatment your skin needs you may need a little more downtime, in this case the program may take up to 15 weeks.

What areas can I have treated in the Results Program?

Each of the 6 treatments within your program is limited to a treatment area, and dependent on the treatment modality used will determine the size of the treatment area ie the face, or neck, or decolletage, or an A5 area or part of a facial area.

Common areas to have IPL and Laser rejuvenation on include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Back of hands
  • Body scarring to an A4 sized area

Common areas to have Fractionated Laser on include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage creases
  • Back of hands
  • Body scarring to an A5 sized area

Common areas to have Dermal Stamping on include:

  • Face
  • Neck and decolletage
  • Body scarring to an A4 sized area

Common areas to have Body sun damage rejuvenation on include:

  • Upper back and shoulders
  • Full arms and back of hands
  • Decolletage
  • Neck and back of hands

Common areas to have treated with Plasma Pen include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Forehead lines
  • Upper lip lines
  • Lower lip lines
  • Neck lines
  • Body scarring to an A5 sized area
What if I have more than one skin concern or more than one treatment area?

The Results Program works best when the full 6 treatments are all utilised for a specific treatment area, ie your face or decolletage or arms or area of scarring, etc.

More than one treatment area.
If you have more than one treatment area of concern, for example, if you want to remove freckles from your face, neck, decolletage, arms and back (5 areas) you will need more than one Results Program, as 1 to 2 treatments per area is simply not enough to achieve full results.

In this case you have 3 options:

  1. Choose the most important areas you would like treated and treat them only (the results are addictive, so you will probably want to do another Results Program for other areas when you finish your first one!)
  2. Do one Results Program and then when you have finished, purchase another one so you can move onto other body areas until everything you wanted to remove is now gone.
  3. If your on a timeline or just impatient for the results like us, you can purchase multiple Results Programs to treat multiple areas at the same time, ensuring you are rejuvenated at the end of your 12-15 week program!

More than one skin concern.
You most likely have more than one skin concern on the same area, ie wrinkles and pigmentation on your face or redness and texture on your decolletage or both discoloured and textured scarring on your body. Fortunately, many of our modalities rejuvenate the skin on many levels so that over a course of 6 varied and specialised treatments we usually see multiple skin concerns being resolved. Rarely, some more stubborn skin concerns like Melasma, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and textural scarring may require further treatment.

How many and what treatments are included in the Results Program?

The Results Program includes any 6 of our most transformative Specialised Skin Treatments and currently includes:

  • IPL Colour Correction
  • Laser Rejuvenation
  • Sun Damage Body Treatments
  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing
  • Dermal Stamping
  • Plasma Pen

Please note treatment offerings are subject to change without notice.

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