Ok skin savvy people, if you are one of my clients, staff members or students, you have heard me say this a million times…

“Consistency is everything!”

And that’s not only with skincare and treatments, but everything in life. When you think about it, our bodies love routines and are ultimately governed by them. Circadian rhythms, menstrual cycles, hair growth cycles, fasting cycles and the list goes on and on.

As our skin is incredibly quick to adapt (that’s its job), consistency is key when it comes to achieving your skin goals.

Don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to say, yes I would love every client coming in every single week for consistent treatments, but for most people this isn’t a realistic or maintainable lifelong skin goal. This is where homecare comes into play and why consistency with your skincare routine is crucial in achieving your best skin ever, and maintaining it!


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It helps to understand this by thinking of our in-clinic treatments as your gym sessions. Realistically if you only went to the gym once a month and then continued to eat incorrectly every other day, your body goals would go backwards. Your skin is exactly the same.

The skincare products that feed your skin every single morning and every single night make a huge difference.



Could you imagine if you only went to the dentist once a month for a clean and did not brush your teeth daily in between dental visits!
It’s simply not enough to come in once a month for a skin treatment and not use, consistently, the correct active skincare and hope for amazing skin.

Just as one bad meal won’t make you fat, one skin treatment won’t fix all your skin problems. It’s what you do day-in and day-out that will have the most profound results. So, go home and do your homework.

And just as the correct skincare routine can bring about rapid and positive skin changes, the incorrect skincare can not only exacerbate your skin concerns but also interfere with your in-clinic treatments and your results. These two work synergistically together, your skincare increases the efficacy of in-clinic treatments and in-clinic treatments increase the efficacy of your skincare.

And soon enough you’ll see the results and eventually you’ll be addicted.

Your best skin ever starts right here.

Written by Yasmine

Yasmine is a mother, a wife, co-founder of The Aesthetic Lounge and is a Cosmetic Dermal Therapist (aka passionate skin specialist). She is 37, but you wouldn’t know it and when she started her career in skin almost 20 years ago, her skin was reactive, stripped, had rosacea, melasma and was covered in freckles and sun damage, but, through consistency, correct treatments and cosmeceutical skincare all these skin woes are now a memory of the past. Yasmine believes in; looking good for your age and not trying to look another age.