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The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

In high demand for our experience and expertise in eyebrow shaping and tinting, our Dermal Therapists have specialised in eyebrow reshaping and recolouring for many years. At The Aesthetic Lounge we use only the highest quality tint and wax for sensitive eyes and delicate facial skin, in combination with our hair growth serum, tubing mascara, instant colour eyebrow mousse and corrective eye creams. Let us redefine your thin, fair and unruly eyebrows.



Let us expertly fix, define and shape your brows! Through meticulously waxing and plucking we will create clean, natural lines and beautifully tint to add instant definition. The perfect treatment for anyone wanting to reshape and define their natural brow or if your eyebrows have grown out and lost their shape.




Define thin, fair eyebrows needing to look fuller and thicker by giving them instant natural colour and removing stray hairs surrounding your eyebrow shape. This treatment is to maintain an eyebrow shape and colour that you already love, every 3-4 weeks. If you have left your eyebrow appointment for more than 4 weeks, we recommend an Eyebrow Shape to ensure you still leave with perfect brows.

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We don’t do $10 brows, we fix $10 brows! Through creating clear, clean lines that flow with your eyebrows natural shape we beautifully define your best asset so that you can show them off. This treatment is for anyone wanting to wax their eyebrows for the first time, reshape their natural brow or if your eyebrows have grown out and lost their shape.

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Enhance, darken and define eyelashes and give depth and definition to your eyebrows with our large range of tints to suit all eyebrow colours from fair to dark. All of our lash tinting treatments include a relaxing scalp massage and can be performed every 4 weeks.

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Did you know that we can individually wax facial areas, from your upper lip, chin, cheeks, nose and even your ear hair. For added value we recommend our waxing packages. We also offer tinting for either eyelashes or eyebrows.

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Amazing Results That Speak
For Themselves

Excellent eyebrow grooming plus great advice re my skin.


I have gone to Aesthetic Lounge for IPL treatments (removal of unwanted hair) and also had my eyebrows shaped. They take a lot of pride in everything that they do. The owner Yasmine only hires the best staff and makes sure they are highly trained and meet the high standards she keeps.

O.De Sousa

They are highly trained, engaging, personable. It’s just a joy to go there and interact with any of the girls that work there as they share the same values as Lana and Yas.

N.Nicols, Elwood

I was VERY happy with the laser services provided by this business. They are very careful with testing lasers and laser strengths, friendly, flexible and very efficient.


They treat all customers with supreme care and kindness…and they actually deliver what they say.


I have been to Yasmine and her team a number of times, they have always provided a professional and friendly environment, I highly recommend them.


Had the most wonderful and relaxing facial there and definitely recommended the girls any day! Such caring, friendly staff that are always happy to help or recommend good products. I really love the clinic.



Why Should I Wax And Tint My Eyebrows Together?

The best way to achieve instantly defined eyebrows is to combine a coloured tint with an eyebrow wax. The tinting process will colour all blonde, grey and fair hairs immediately whilst an expertly shaped eyebrow wax will create defined, clean lines.

How Can I Maximise My Results?

Consistency is the key to creating beautiful eyebrows, perfectly coloured eyelashes and a hair free complexion. The best way to maximise your waxing and tinting results is to back them up with our range of age defying eye creams, volumising mascara and lash growth serum and eyebrow mousse products. Click here to discover our specialised range of products and skincare, for brilliant, luminous eyes.

Why Do We Only Use Hot Wax?

Strip wax is simply too aggressive for delicate facial skin and it’s very common to have skin ripped off when using this. Hot wax is gentle on the skin which ensures less redness after your wax. Hot wax allows us to have more control with shaping your eyebrows.

Benefits To Shaping The Top And Trimming Your Eyebrow Hairs.

When professionally shaped, your eyebrows will not only have the underneath waxed but will include the top lines shaped and any unruly hairs trimmed. Removing hairs from only underneath your brows can lead to overshapping and thinning of your natural brow. By shaping the top and bottom of your eyebrows you will have a well balanced eyebrow shape that is not top heavy.

Tinting Hurts My Eyes What Can I Do?

This is not uncommon as many clinics use a liquid tint developer which waters down the tint and allows seepage into the eyes. We use a cream developer which keeps the tint thick, therefore less tint running into the eyes and less irritation.

Why Do You Have So Many Tint Colours?

No two eyebrow colours are the same, and although many clinics only have one colour that is left on for different lengths of time, we customise a mixture of tints and shades to achieve a natural eyebrow colour that blends with your hair colour, whether natural or dyed. All of our tints are left on for the full development time which ensures a longer lasting tint colour.

Should I Prepare My Skin for Waxing?

Yes, our range of skincare products will strengthen and support your skin, throughout your waxing treatments. The correct products will significantly reduce redness, pigment and gently exfoliate facial skin including the delicate eye area to stop ingrowns.

What Does Waxing Feel Like?

When performed correctly, waxing is not painful, and most of our clients find it quite relaxing. However, if any, a minimal amount of discomfort may be felt as the hair is being removed. Over subsequent treatments your skin becomes desensitised and at each treatment you will notice less sensation and redness. Your therapist will ensure that the skin is stretched at all times before the removal of wax which will decrease your discomfort.

How Will My Skin Look Immediately After Waxing?

Your skin can look a little pink, or have little pink spots where the hair has been removed. It may also feel a little warm, due to the swelling of the hair follicle where the hair has been removed, and generally subsides within 30 minutes to 6 hours.

Who Should Have Tinting?

Most clients, except pregnant clients, can have Electrolysis as we use Thermolysis. However, darker skin types must be on a specific pigment inhibiting serum to reduce any possible pigmentation side effects from the treatment. Clients with a pacemaker will need a doctor’s certificate to ensure their safety.

Anybody can have tinting as long as they are not allergic to dyes. If you have had a reaction in the past, a full list of ingredients for our tints can be provided and a test patch can be performed before the treatment to ensure no reaction.

Tinting is the perfect solution for:

  • Colouring white, grey, light coloured hairs
  • Adding definition and shape to your eyebrows
  • Perfectly match your eyebrow colour to your darker hair colour
  • When you don’t want to wear mascara or have an allergy to it
  • Deepen and enhance the effects of your mascara
How Often Can I Tint?

Ideally eyebrow and eyelash tinting should be every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain depth of colour and avoid unsightly regrowth. The more often you cleanse your face or remove eye makeup, the faster the tint will fade, just like hair colour. Some clients have tinting at closer intervals to keep on top of white and grey hair regrowth.

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