While some are lucky to experience the “pregnancy glow”, not all women are as lucky.

The vast majority of women experience changes in their skin during pregnancy as their hormones fluctuate. Some may experience breakouts, dry skin, redness and even pigmentation. While these changes can be frustrating, don’t stress! We are here to help your skin throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

There is so much information out there it can be confusing to know what skincare products and treatments are going to ensure you’re treating your skin safely, yet effectively. At The Aesthetic Lounge we do things differently, because while some clinics may treat your skin with laser or peels, we take every precaution possible to ensure you reach your skin goals safely. Our vast array of treatments and carefully selected skincare means that we can still help you achieve all of your skin goals even through pregnancy.

Your daily skincare routine doesn’t need to stop during pregnancy however, you do need to avoid products that contain Salicylic Acids and Vitamin A. Let our skin experts give you the guidance you are looking for in finding the right pregnancy safe cosmeceuticals for your skin.

Exfoliation throughout pregnancy doesn’t need to stop. Enzymes are a gentle, yet effective alternative to exfoliate your skin and are found in our homecare products and in-clinic treatments. This form of exfoliation, that even sensitive skins can use, will not penetrate into your bloodstream like some acids. Enzymes digest dead skin build up instantly revealing beautifully smooth, glowing skin that is able to soak up all the important nutrients from your active skincare serums. Enzymes are the hero ingredient in many of our pregnancy-safe facials and homecare products to help you treat your hormonal, pregnant skin.


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Vitamins are key! While you need to temporarily say goodbye to Vitamin A, there are many vitamins that will help keep skin happy and healthy over this hormonal time in your life.

If you find your skin becoming congested and breaking out, Vitamin B is essential. Vitamin B is for boosting, beautifying and breakouts, it soothes and reduces redness and inflammation in pimples and slows the skin’s oil production, acting as a detoxifier for congested skin. Pregnant or not, everyone should have a Vitamin B in their skincare ritual. However steer clear of Vitamin C if you are experiencing breakouts, as this stimulating cosmeceutical may only worsen your problematic skin.


If you are experiencing increased pigmentation during pregnancy, as many do, Vitamin C is our go-to ingredient. This potent antioxidant reduces redness and strengthens your skin to dramatically brighten dull pigmented complexions. Couple this ingredient with our pigment inhibiting serum for a powerful solution to help fight pigmentation during pregnancy.

If ageing is your concern, a combination of skin loving antioxidants, Vitamins B and C are here to help fight the signs of ageing. These age defying superhero ingredients will stimulate collagen and elastin, and deeply hydrate and plump your skin to give it a youthful glow. But why let it stop at just the essential vitamins, supercharge your anti-ageing results by adding peptides, growth factors and hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine.

Sunscreen is your protector. It helps to restore your skin’s health while protecting you from environmental damages that can lead to pigmentation and accelerate the ageing process. Using your sunscreen daily will brighten your skin, reduce your pigmentation concerns and help to keep your skin youthful.

And yes we have your skin covered with our pregnancy friendly treatments. At The Aesthetic Lounge all of our treatments are customised, meaning whether you are pregnant or not you will always have a facial customised to your concerns and your skin’s needs, every visit. Some of our most popular pregnancy safe facials are from our Starter and Advanced Treatments, which are all customisable with our wide range of “add-on” therapies, from: LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, extractions, cold therapy masks, a range of infusions that hydrate, brighten and decongest your skin, as well as an extended facial massage to help you indulge and relax.

Two of our most sought after treatments for pregnant clients are our Pre-Party Facial and our Glow Facial.
The Pre-Party facial is great if you have some breakouts, pigmentation, dry skin or feel like your skin is in need of a quick “pick me up”. It is an incredibly hydrating treatment that will kill any bacteria causing breakouts, while plumping and improving the health of your skin. Clients love to add extra massage time to this facial to allow for some much needed relaxation.
Our Glow facial is a great treatment to take your skin results to the next level, once your skin is prepared with our skincare. This powerful facial will fade pigmentation, instantly brighten and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a luminous glow.

Not prepared – no worries! Any of our Starter Treatments are designed for skins that are not yet prepared with our cosmeceutical skincare. For skin that is breaking out, our Detox Facial with an LED Light Therapy will decongest, reduce bacteria and speed up the breakout recovery process, helping you to achieve quick results. If your skin is feeling dry, tight or sensitive, our Skin Support Facial is perfect for you! This facial is incredibly relaxing, hydrating and soothing. Your skin will feel incredibly nourished and vibrant.

Taking care of your skin requires commitment and pregnancy is another part of your skin journey. Luckily your skincare routine and in-clinic treatments do not need to stop! During and after pregnancy your skin (and body) will go through a lot of changes, it’s important to make time to care for yourself and your skin, rather than treating a build up of concerns later down the track. Our pregnancy-friendly facials and skincare will not only maintain all your skin efforts, but help you to relax, feel confident and beautiful in your skin throughout pregnancy and for years to come.

A collaboration from the brilliant and passionate skin therapists of The Aesthetic Lounge.

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