AHA Exfoliating Cleanser 177ml Societe NRAHA Exfoliating Cleanser 177ml Societe NR


Get rid of that oil slick feeling with this concentrated AHA exfoliating cleanser, designed to cut through oil and eat away at those dull, lifeless dead skin cells and help you get your glow back! Smooth skin in an instant!


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An exfoliating facial cleanser for all skin types. Especially for those with ageing, blemish-prone or uneven skin tones. Société AHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a potent stimulating cleanser that targets a broad range of skin concerns. Free from physical exfoliants, this cleanser is designed to be used as a one-minute at-home face peel.

AM – We do not recommend to use during the day. We do recommend you always apply sunscreen.
Never use with sunburnt, sensitised, or recently chemically peeled skin unless as directed by your skin care professional.
Apply a small, pea-sized amount onto a damp face and neck, massaging gently for 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your evening routine serum and moisturiser.

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