Skin Pigmentation Solutions


Your pigmentation tells a story of where your skin has been and if you need a skin pigmentation solution. Whether you have enjoyed the sun’s rays a little too much, battled breakouts, or ridden the hormonal roller coaster, the marks that have been left behind if left untreated will worsen with time.

With our targeted pigment cream, lightening cream, and fading cream, you will diminish surface pigmentation, control deep stubborn pigment, prevent future dark spots, and fade pigmented scarring to reveal a bright and even skin tone.

Pigmentation comes in many forms from cute freckles to ageing spots, to scarring you just want to cover up. This is why we have the best cream for freckles, the best cream for sunspots and the best cream for age spots, and even the best cream for melasma (that’s really stubborn pigmentation).

Every skin concern will benefit from anti-pigment ingredients included in our best cleanser for pigmented skin and best cream for dark spots.

The best way to treat skin pigmentation is with our favourite hero ingredients from exfoliating AHA Fruit Acids, brightening Vitamin C,  healing Antioxidants, pigment-controlling Pigment Inhibitors, and Vitamin A.

Call us to discover which of our pigment cream, lightening cream, and fading creams will kick-start your skin care.

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