Skin Protectant Barrier


Whether your sensitivity is from internal or external factors, requires healing post an in-clinic treatment, or just needs some serious support during times of stress due to surgery, chemotherapy, Roaccutane, or other strong medications, you need to restore skin health with a skin protectant barrier cream, and not any barrier cream but the best barrier cream face will help support an impaired barrier.

Take back control with our barrier repair cream skincare and calm sensitivity, strengthen compromised skin and support the healing and recovery process for strong, healthy skin.

Any skin type that is experiencing inflammation, redness, heat, tightness, stinging, or dryness needs a protective skin barrier cream to start then skincare for a sensitive skin type.

And it’s not only the face that suffers, we have the best barrier cream baby products and the best barrier cream hands.

Our favourite hero ingredients to restore skin health are protective Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory Oils +EFAs, supportive Probiotics, healing Vitamin B, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and strengthening Vitamin C.

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