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At The Aesthetic Lounge we do things differently, because we understand one crucial foundation of achieving results; if you fail to prepare – be prepared to fail.

To us, skin preparation is the most important step to rapidly achieve your skin goals. Our results are testament to this. Strengthening your skin with the right prescribed skincare and in-clinic treatments, will ensure safe and effective removal of your unwanted tattoo.

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Q-Switched Laser, unlike other Lasers, specifically targets tattoo ink to ‘shatter’ many different colours such as black, blue, red, purple, green and yellow within your tattoo. It effectively works at removing unwanted tattoos by delivering 4 specific wavelengths of light at ultra-fast repetition rates to the target area, via acoustic energy.

Ordinarily, the pigment particles within the tattoo are too large for the body’s immune system to remove, therefore making it permanent. Once this light enters the deeper layers of the skin, it shatters and breaks down the colour of the ink within the tattoo. By shattering them into smaller particles, your body’s immune system is able to effectively remove these particles itself.



We are proud to support women and men that have battled cancer and offer this treatment free of charge. Cancer treatments can include radiation therapy which requires a small dot to be tattooed at the location of the radiation therapy site. Fortunately these tattoos are superficial and we can remove them in 1-2 treatments.

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We specialise in all things eyebrows, including the safe removal of eyebrow tattooing that is no longer wanted. Cosmetic tattoos or ‘permanent make-up’, including eyebrow feather, block, ombre and powder brow can all be removed. Often clients have had solid block eyebrow tattoos many years ago and now wish to have eyebrow feathering instead. The solid tattoo first needs to be removed or partially faded so that Eyebrow feathering can successfully go over the top.

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Lighten or remove unwanted tattoos greater than A5 in size, from most body areas. Please keep in mind that for your safety some areas such as a full sleeve, may need to be performed over multiple treatments to avoid a tourniquet effect which limits blood circulation to the limb. We also don't want to compromise your immune system, skin healing and therefore your overall end results. Accurate pricing will be provided upon consultation.

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Remove or lighten black and multi coloured tattoos smaller than A5 in size. Popular areas include, inner wrist, top of the foot, behind the ear and fingers. Accurate pricing will be provided upon consultation.

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Laser tattoo removal, not only can be used to remove ink tattoos within the skin, but also to remove traumatic tattoos caused by dirt or debris embedding into the skin, e.g after motorbike accidents.

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I wouldn't trust anybody or anywhere else to look after my skin needs . I have the utmost confidence and respect for the girls and now my daughter attends the clinic. All the girls at the clinic are so professional, passionate and committed.


I have been a regular at The Aesthetic Lounge for longer than I can remember. They're very professional & constantly updating their knowledge and providing the latest in skin treatments.


From start to finish this is a wonderful experience. The girls are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in the treatments they offer.


The girls are soooooo professional and friendly. They know exactly how to best treat your skin, and you can tell that they love what they are doing!


Amazing place!! So professional from the moment you walk in. Everyone is exceptional & experienced in their field. Highly recommend.


For therapists who are passionate about what they do and care about getting good results for their clients, this is the place. True experts and just the loveliest girls. Impossible not to love this place!


I have been here 3 times now and I find their knowledge as to how to solve your issues is fabulous and they DO solve them! Not just promise.


Absolutely fantastic service. It's a great location and the room is very calm and relaxing. My skin looks really great afterwards. Can't recommend this place enough!


Love love love my IPL results already!! Can't recommend this place enough.


Fabulous place. I have been going to them for the last 2 years and would not hesitate to recommend them. Very professional staff who provide the best service. My skin has never been so good.


I have been a client at The Aesthetic Lounge since they opened and have received consistently professional, warm and caring service at every appointment. And my skin has never looked better!


The staff are always extremely professional and courteous. Nothing is ever a problem. It is like walking into a beautiful calm sanctuary.


Thank you to the team at The Aesthetic Lounge, all the staff are so professional and knowledgeable. I was so impressed with the attention they gave me during and after my treatment.


I have been going to The Aesthetic Lounge for several years to treat different areas. I love the staff and I am so happy with the results.


They treat all customers with supreme care and kindness...and they actually deliver what they say, amazing service!


Thank you so much for your recommendation of the Aspect Clear Skin Kit for my 14 year old teenage son, it has made such a difference to his skin, whilst building his self confidence as it becomes clearer over time.


Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff who take the time and care to get it right... In hindsight - other salons I have previously visited while cheaper short term were wasting my time and my money and not getting results



How Do I Prepare My Skin To Achieve The Best Results?

Preparation is the key to ensuring safe and effective Tattoo Removal treatments. Your therapist will create a treatment course, which will include the consistent use of our prescribed skincare prior to your first appointment. This will ensure you get maximum tattoo clearance  every treatment.

What Can I Expect From Eyebrow Tattoo Removal?

Eyebrow tattoos can be faded for future cover up, partially removed for balancing and correction or completely removed. Over 2 to 4 treatments, at 8 week intervals, your eyebrow tattoos will fade and resolve. Immediately after your treatment the eyebrow tattoos may temporarily darken, however this will disappear with each subsequent treatment as the tattoos colour fades away. Eyebrow hairs may also lighten and reduce temporarily.

How Can I Increase My Recovery And Maximise My Results?

During your consultation your therapist will explain the benefits of preparing your skin correctly prior to each treatment.

Immediately after your tattoo removal treatment care should be taken to minimise complications and aid your skin’s recovery for up to 3 weeks. This includes: keeping the area clean, no exfoliating or scrubbing treatments over the treated area, avoiding sun exposure, swimming pools and the ocean, applying a thin layer of your silicone gel daily until the area is completely healed and if a scab forms it is imperative that you do not pick it.

In conjunction with your post care products, LED Light Therapy will increase your body’s healing capacity and can help to reduce side effects, complications and minimise scarring.

How Much Downtime Can I Expect From Laser Tattoo Removal?

Depending on the treatment area, downtime may be prolonged and can be minimised with your pre and post treatments and skin care products. Side effects  may be less noticeable with subsequent treatments:

Day 1-14 | Skin sensitivity including: redness, tenderness, mild-moderate swelling, heat, stinging, pinpoint bruising, darkening, micro crusting.

Day 7-21 | Bruising and micro crusting begins to resolve.

My skin is no longer sensitive | If your skin is looking and feeling back to normal, you can resume your regular activities and skincare routine.

How Often Can I Have Laser Tattoo Removal?

Once your skin is sufficiently prepared with treatments and our prescribed skincare a series of Laser Tattoo Removal treatments can be performed.

Body Tattoo Removal at 12 week intervals (this longer time frame is critical and should not be performed sooner) .

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Removal at 8 week intervals.

Radiation Dot Removal at 6 week intervals.

Who Cannot Have Laser Tattoo Removal?

Contraindications include: an allergy to inks that are in your tattoo (commonly red ink), epilepsy and pregnancy. Also, any conditions that will slow down your skin’s ability to heal, including: anyone undergoing cancer treatment, autoimmune diseases or a recent tattoo in the treatment area (less than 6 months old).

For some medical conditions, like epilepsy, if you are under medical care and currently managing your condition, a Doctor’s Clearance Letter may allow you to have this treatment.

Do I Need A Test Patch?

Test patches allow our therapists to test the maximum and safe settings which means you will achieve your end result much quicker and more effectively. If a test patch is required, this will be provided during your consultation or prior to your first treatment at no extra charge.

Sometimes if it has been longer than 6 months or you have been exposed to the sun or had any recent medical changes you will be required to re test patch for an additional fee.

Do I Need A Skin Check?

At The Aesthetic Lounge your skin’s safety is our highest priority and why we always recommend you have a skin check if you have any skin lesions within the margins of your tattoo removal treatment. Our clients recommend Mole Map Brighton where you will be provided with a current skin check clearance letter necessary to have your treatment.

Do I Really Need To Prepare My Skin?

We understand that other clinics may treat your skin, when it’s simply not ready, but we aren’t just another skin clinic. Laser Tattoo Removal treatments achieve amazing results however, they are serious treatments and therefore the skin must be prepared adequately and cared for correctly post treatment to achieve the best results, minimise risks and downtime.

How Long Does A Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Take?

Q-Switched Laser is incredibly quick, generally between 2-10 minutes as the Laser is pulsed methodically over the tattoo.

Why Should I Choose Laser Removal Over Other Types Of Tattoo Removal?

Although Q-Switched Laser treatments require several appointments to successfully remove or fade your tattoo, they have the greatest chance of returning your skin to its previous healthy state in comparison to other methods of tattoo removal that can leave your skin with unsightly scarring.

Will My Tattoo Be Completely Removed With Laser Tattoo Removal?

There are so many variables that come into play when undergoing tattoo removal treatments as every tattoo we treat is unique. However, normally greater than 95% fading of a tattoo can be accomplished.

How Many Treatments Will Laser Take To Remove My Tattoo?

A Tattoo Removal Consultation with your skin therapist will ensure a personalised treatment and product program is created to specifically target your tattoo removal goals and give you a specific timeline of treatments based on the history of your tattoo. We take into consideration many different variables to determine how many treatments it will take to fade or completely laser away your tattoo such as: skin colour, type of ink, ink colour, how deep the ink is within the skin, age of the tattoo, existing scarring and the location all contribute to how well the ink responds to laser removal.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Laser Tattoo Removal treatments have an intense and sharp feeling of heat on the skin.

All of our tattoo removal treatments include Cryo Jet cooling, which blasts super chilled -30 degree air to cool the deep layers of the skin. As the treatment itself takes only seconds to perform, clients find it tolerable.

We do recommend topical anaesthetic cream for Laser Tattoo Removal. You can purchase and apply a topical numbing cream yourself 45 minutes prior to your treatment. Some areas may require us to assist you in your topical anaesthetic application, additional fees will apply.

How Many Areas Can I Have Treated At The Same Time?

Depending on the area, we will only treat up to a half arm size (A4) tattoo within one treatment. A two week interval between adjacent areas will allow your immune system to recover.

Tattoos that encompass a full circumference will also need to be treated over 2 treatments split over 2 weeks to avoid a tourniquet effect from affecting blood circulation to the limb.

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