What if I told you I could perform any skin treatment with double the results and half the down time? Sounds unbelievable right? It’s not, and this is exactly the results that sufficiently prepared skins can expect.

Your skin is a living, ever changing, adapting, organ. It senses external changes and adjusts accordingly. Your skin is full of receptors, literally close your eyes – go on – close your eyes, then touch your skin. Your skin knows, it interprets this information and reacts accordingly, and sometimes over reacts, like an allergic reaction or a histamine response like hives. Understanding and respecting the skin goes a long way to safe and successful skin treatments.

All our skin treatments, yes even our facials, at The Aesthetic Lounge aim to induce a deep dermal response within your skin. And through a controlled wound to the deeper layers of your skin, we bring about new growth in collagen and elastin and ultimately anti ageing results.

There are no fluffy facials here.

Love love love my IPL results already!! Can’t recommend this place enough. A.Little

Our Starter treatments will detoxify and desensitise your skin, whilst Advanced Treatments are designed around resurfacing your skin to kick it into gear and our Specialised Treatments mostly involve heat to bring about a wound healing response within your skin. When your skin undergoes trauma from resurfacing and heat based treatments, even though this trauma is only superficial, just like a histamine response, if your skin perceives it to be more, it over reacts and irritation occurs.

The easiest way to prevent your skin over reacting, is by preparing your skin, with both our cosmeceutical grade skincare and preparatory Starter and Advanced treatments. Slowly and consistently introducing your skin to the right active ingredients, reduces irritation and reactions, but most importantly strengthens your skin.

Why we are so obsessed with skin preparation:

  1. You will need fewer Specialised Treatments.
    Our Starter and Advanced Treatments are designed to remove excess dead skin, oils, congestion and pigmentation from the surface layers of your skin, whilst increasing hydration. This alone will increase the effectiveness of our light based Specialised Treatments, such as: Laser Rejuvenation, IPL Rejuvenation and Fractional Laser.
  2. Your skin will recover quickly.
    By correctly exfoliating the surface layers of skin with our Advanced Treatments and feeding your skin with the right nourishing cosmeceutical skincare, you will boost your skin’s metabolism, resulting in it healing and bouncing back from treatments much faster.
  3. Less side effects and complications means outstanding results.
    Our cosmeceuticals will provide your skin’s cells with the vital nutrients to heal. And when your skin is healthy and heals quickly, you dramatically reduce recovery time, side effects and complications. A prolonged recovery can increase complications such as allergic reactions, infection, sensitivity, redness, dermatitis, scarring and pigmentation, and no one wants that!

Just as you wouldn’t run a marathon without training for it, you wouldn’t have any of our Specialised Treatments without training your skin for them first.

In an incredibly unregulated industry, take caution and understand there are no quick fixes. Just because the clinic up the road will see you today, definitely does not mean you should have that treatment today. Your skin is a living organ, look after it, care for it and it’ll last you a lifetime.

Written by Yasmine

Yasmine is a mother, a wife, co-founder of The Aesthetic Lounge and is a Cosmetic Dermal Therapist (aka passionate skin specialist). She is 37, but you wouldn’t know it and when she started her career in skin almost 20 years ago, her skin was reactive, stripped, had rosacea, melasma and was covered in freckles and sun damage, but, through consistency, correct treatments and cosmeceutical skincare all these skin woes are now a memory of the past. Yasmine believes in; looking good for your age and not trying to look another age.