If you were having a party you’d want all your friends there, Vitamins A, B, C, E and even the antioxidants, as they all have their own unique relationship with you but, remember some of them don’t exactly get along.

Vitamin A is a party animal and night owl, that only comes out at night and is the life of the party. However, in large doses Vitamin A can be irritating, especially for Vitamin C. It’s best to keep Vitamin A and Vitamin C separated.

Vitamin C always smells good, is fiercely protective of you, is early to rise and prefers to not come out at night. However, as Vitamin C is a sensitive soul and can upset easily, Vitamin C finds Vitamin A very irritating.

Vitamin B is the friend that everyone wants to have as their BFF. Vitamin B always has your back and boosts up everyone else’s mood. Vitamin B is the hero that comes to your rescue and will always be there for you morning or night, even through tough times like pregnancy and menopause. Vitamin B has a soothing personality and never causes trouble but, don’t let that fool you, Vitamin B knows how to party and is always the first to arrive and last to leave.

Vitamin E is the quiet, cautious, safe friend that can be a little bland. Vitamin E is always there for you and gets along with everyone, though generally goes about unnoticed. Vitamin E is the quiet achiever.

I always look forward to coming into the clinic. I trust the girls completely and it’s great to be beautified by them and interact with them. N.Nicols, Elwood

The Super Antioxidants are your parents. They know what’s best and just want the best for you and want to protect you from the world… should you be eating that? That’s not organic. This contains preservatives. Who’s that new friend? What time are you coming home? They never let up, but have the best intentions and are your ultimate protector.

So, which skincare ingredient are you?

A- The Life of The Party
B – The Hero
C – The Sensitive Type
E – The Quiet Achiever
Antioxidant- The Parentals

Written by Yasmine

Yasmine is a mother, a wife, co-founder of The Aesthetic Lounge and is a Cosmetic Dermal Therapist (aka passionate skin specialist). She is 37, but you wouldn’t know it and when she started her career in skin almost 20 years ago, her skin was reactive, stripped, had rosacea, melasma and was covered in freckles and sun damage, but, through consistency, correct treatments and cosmeceutical skincare all these skin woes are now a memory of the past. Yasmine believes in; looking good for your age and not trying to look another age.