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The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

At The Aesthetic Lounge we do things differently, because we understand one crucial foundation of achieving results; if you fail to prepare – be prepared to fail.

To us, skin preparation is the most important step to rapidly achieve your skin goals. Our results are testament to this. Strengthening your skin with the right prescribed skincare and in-clinic treatments, will ensure visibly clear, smooth skin.

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Year by year, the way that we interact with the world around us has a direct impact on the health and appearance of our skin. Some people only consider the possibilities of their actions once an issue or concern arises, whereas those who believe in protecting the skin and promoting a healthier appearance at all times will invest to make this a reality.

Uncertainty with regards to skin issues can cause concern, but with the right treatment and consultation with specialists, you gain peace of mind as well as remedies designed to alleviate the problem.

Skin Tag Removal Specialists in Melbourne

Skin tag removal in Melbourne is something that the team here at The Aesthetic Lounge deal with all year round. Those living in the suburb of Hampton, near Brighton, benefit from having our highly qualified and experienced team on their doorstep, while other clients travel from all across Melbourne and further afield to achieve their skin goals with our unique and safe approach to remove unsightly skin lumps and bumps.

We are an independent clinic that is not tied down to the specific skin treatments in Melbourne and products franchise operations deliver. As such, you can expect a more bespoke approach to your treatment and advice that will stand your skin in good stead into the future.

A Couple of Misconceptions About Skin Tag Removal in Melbourne

Skin tags and surface lumps and bumps often are a cause for concern when they are noticed on the face and body. What’s more, there are plenty of misconceptions out there that do little to relieve any stress felt when they are identified. As such, it is worth considering a few pieces of bad information that are out there and setting the record straight.

Understandably, a skin tag along with other skin lesions may prompt worry about the possibility of skin cancer. However, skin tags are usually harmless. The smart thing to do when you find one is get a simple skin check at a mole scan centre. This will alleviate any concern and allow for prompt treatment within our clinic. Our expert therapists can then determine how best to treat your concerns. We deliver the best skin tag removal in Melbourne, so we will be able to help you eliminate the issue.

Another myth that exists is that the removal of skin tags causes them to spread. While it is possible that you could develop skin tags again in the future, there is no evidence to show that the removal of past skin tags has any bearing on the emergence of others.

So, if you were holding off on having one removed, for this reason, you can feel confident to have the treatment carried out without increasing the risk of more presenting as a result.

We appreciate that those who work hard to achieve flawless skin will be concerned by the presence of a skin tag, but rest assured that as irritating as it might be, treatment is available that can return your skin to its former glory.

The Very Best Care and Attention

At The Aesthetic Lounge, our expert team of therapists have a minimum of 15 years of experience each in the industry. We are passionate about achieving the very best results for our clients and engage in life-long learning to ensure that we can deliver innovative, effective and superior treatments.

So, if you need the best skin tag removal in Melbourne, book an appointment by clicking the ‘book now’ button at the top of the page, or give our friendly, helpful receptionists a call at our beauty salon in Hampton. Removing unwanted skin concerns and protecting the skin you live in is what we specialise in. Expect the very best care and attention when you step through our doors. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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What Is Lamprobe?

Lamprobe quickly and effectively removes various raised skin lesions and delivers aesthetic results superior to cryogen therapy and surgical excision which will often leave you with unsightly scars. The radio frequency tip precisely and safely heats the targeted lesion without affecting the surrounding skin. The heated skin is instantly cauterised resulting in no bleeding, infection and a short recovery time. Common lesions found on the face and body that are suitable for removal include: skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry angiomas, xanthelasma and milia.



With a clearance letter from a mole mapping clinic or Dermatologist, skin lumps and bumps can be successfully minimised and removed. This longer appointment will allow your therapist enough time to thoroughly remove numerous lesions over various areas.

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With a clearance letter from a mole mapping clinic, skin lumps and bumps can be successfully minimised and removed. Shorter treatment times are perfect for removal of a single larger lesion or multiple small lesions in one area.

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With a clearance letter from a mole mapping clinic, moles on the face and body can be successfully shaved down. However, as only the surface of the mole is removed, it may slightly reappear over time. If the mole is discoloured and extends below the skin's surface, this discoloration may remain in the skin after its removal.

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Amazing Results That Speak
For Themselves

I wouldn't trust anybody or anywhere else to look after my skin needs . I have the utmost confidence and respect for the girls and now my daughter attends the clinic. All the girls at the clinic are so professional, passionate and committed.


I have been a regular at The Aesthetic Lounge for longer than I can remember. They're very professional & constantly updating their knowledge and providing the latest in skin treatments.


From start to finish this is a wonderful experience. The girls are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in the treatments they offer.


The girls are soooooo professional and friendly. They know exactly how to best treat your skin, and you can tell that they love what they are doing!


Amazing place!! So professional from the moment you walk in. Everyone is exceptional & experienced in their field. Highly recommend.


For therapists who are passionate about what they do and care about getting good results for their clients, this is the place. True experts and just the loveliest girls. Impossible not to love this place!


I have been here 3 times now and I find their knowledge as to how to solve your issues is fabulous and they DO solve them! Not just promise.


Absolutely fantastic service. It's a great location and the room is very calm and relaxing. My skin looks really great afterwards. Can't recommend this place enough!


Love love love my IPL results already!! Can't recommend this place enough.


Fabulous place. I have been going to them for the last 2 years and would not hesitate to recommend them. Very professional staff who provide the best service. My skin has never been so good.


I have been a client at The Aesthetic Lounge since they opened and have received consistently professional, warm and caring service at every appointment. And my skin has never looked better!


The staff are always extremely professional and courteous. Nothing is ever a problem. It is like walking into a beautiful calm sanctuary.


Thank you to the team at The Aesthetic Lounge, all the staff are so professional and knowledgeable. I was so impressed with the attention they gave me during and after my treatment.


I have been going to The Aesthetic Lounge for several years to treat different areas. I love the staff and I am so happy with the results.


They treat all customers with supreme care and kindness...and they actually deliver what they say, amazing service!


Thank you so much for your recommendation of the Aspect Clear Skin Kit for my 14 year old teenage son, it has made such a difference to his skin, whilst building his self confidence as it becomes clearer over time.


Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff who take the time and care to get it right... In hindsight - other salons I have previously visited while cheaper short term were wasting my time and my money and not getting results



How Do I Prepare My Skin To Achieve The Best Results?

Preparation and consistency are the keys to a visible skin transformation. Your therapist will create a skin journey, which will include the consistent use of our prescribed skincare and in-clinic treatments prior to your first Lamprobe appointment. This will ensure you get the most out of every treatment, for your best skin ever. Download your Skin Preparation Guide here.

Do I Need A Skin Check?

At The Aesthetic Lounge your skin’s safety is our highest priority and why we always recommend you have a skin check every 12 months. This is for you to stay up-to-date with any skin changes you may have had and to allow for safe treatments.

However if this is your first visit to the clinic, you must provide a current skin check clearance letter, our clients recommend Mole Map Brighton.

Can I Have Other Treatments To Supercharge My Results?

Absolutely, we love supercharging your results and have found the best way to achieve this is by alternating your Lamprobe with our Starter Treatments for the face and body areas. These amazing treatments will smooth, hydrate and exfoliate bumpy and rough skin in preparation for your lamprobe treatment.

We also recommend adding an LED Treatment to your Lamprobe appointment. With three therapeutic wavelengths, our LED Light Therapy kills bacteria, increases healing and stimulates age defying cells.

How Will My Skin Benefit From Lamprobe?

Lamprobe is a simple procedure used to remove or decrease in size a variety of minor benign skin lesions, leaving your skin looking clearer and feeling smoother. If left untreated, these lesions over time may grow in size and therefore treating them early will ensure you will have less recovery time and amazing results. If you are prone to numerous skin lesions, an annual appointment is recommended to stay on top of any new lesions appearing and keep your skin smooth all year round.

How Much Downtime Can I Expect?

Downtime from Lamprobe can last several days to weeks, however this can be minimised with your pre and post skincare products (please note body area recovery times will triple), skin that is not sufficiently prepared will experience increased downtime, sensitivity, possible complications and slower results. Also please note, the larger the lesion the longer recovery time will be.

Day 1-2 | Temporary and localised skin sensitivity including: redness, swelling, tenderness and a crust will replace the treated lesion.

Day 3-5 | Dry, tight and itchy as the micro crusts begin to exfoliate off.

Week 2-3 | Treated spots may remain pink and slightly indented for several weeks, up to one month. Continual improvement will be seen over the coming weeks.

Week 4+ | The treated area will have completely blended with the healthy untreated skin.

How Often Can I Have Lamprobe Treatments?

Once your skin is sufficiently prepared with our prescribed skincare and in clinic treatments, Lamprobe can be performed no sooner than 4 weeks apart. Depending on your skin’s condition and concerns, treatment intervals may be longer.

How Do I Maintain My Results After Lamprobe?

Once you have achieved your skin goals, a monthly Advanced Treatment along with your prescribed skincare products will not only help to maintain your achieved results but further improve them. Discover which of our Skin Membership programs will rapidly transform your skin.

Who Cannot Have Lamprobe Skin Lesion Removal?

Anyone wishing to have skin lumps, bumps, tags or lesions removed must first have a skin check and clearance letter from a Mole Mapping Clinic. The following contraindications may include: warts, cancerous/suspicious lesions, moles lesions (Drs certificate required), healing disorders, keloid scarring and pregnancy.

Do I Really Need To Prepare My Skin For Lamprobe?

Absolutely, we understand that other clinics may treat your skin, when it’s simply not ready, but we aren’t just another skin clinic. We believe in achieving amazing, long lasting results and this can only be successfully achieved through skin preparation.  Download “The 5 Steps To Achieving Your Best Skin Ever” here.

Do I Need Topical Numbing Cream For Pain Relief?

Initially we find that clients may not require topical anaesthetic cream, unless the treatment area is around the eyes. Our cold air machine can be used to help reduce the heating sensation, however, depending on your tolerance levels some clients find they prefer numbing cream. You can purchase and apply a topical numbing cream yourself 45 minutes prior to your treatment. Some areas may require us to assist you in your topical anaesthetic application, additional fees will apply.

Can You Safely Treat Darker Skins With Lamprobe?

Depending on the treatment area, skin preparation, lesion type and size, we are able to treat darker skin colours. Upon consultation your suitability and skincare preparation will be determined for a successful and aesthetic outcome.

How Will A Lamprobe Treatment Feel?

Temporary, localised heat or mild stinging sensation is normal and is tolerated easily by many clients. Cryo-jet cooling may be used to help numb sensitive areas or if you find the treatment uncomfortable.

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