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Alternatives to Electrolysis that remove all hair colours, even white, grey and blonde!




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With our various hair removal systems and a mixed modality approach, we will successfully remove your unwanted hair, however the health and integrity of your skin always comes first. Through consistent skin preparation with our restorative skincare products we ensure side effects are significantly minimised. Visibly reduce skin sensitivity and maximise your results to achieve a hair-free and smooth complexion.

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Alternatives To Electrolysis In Melbourne

A common misconception exists that certain beauty treatments involve a great degree of pain. Sometimes the name of a treatment alone is enough to put a person off. However, we live in a time of technological innovation, and this affords any person that wants to enhance the way their skin and body looks many different ways to achieve it that are simple, effective and affordable.

Alternatives To Electrolysis Hair Removal in Melbourne

Electrolysis hair removal is delivered at some clinics in Melbourne, however is quickly becoming superseded by newer technology. We are different from the brand salons and franchises in the sense that we are an independent clinic that seeks to achieve better, more personalised treatments for its clientele. Those who put a premium on having a healthy, attractive, flawless appearance know that when they book an appointment with our highly trained and experienced therapists, they will achieve their skin goals.

We like to keep abreast of all innovations in our industry and regularly undergo learning and training to determine whether there are better ways to help you get the beautiful skin that you want. Whether you need a skin issue eliminated or hair removed or appropriate protection to help prevent damage, rest assured that we are the best-placed professionals to help you out. 

Why So Many People Are Moving Away From Electrolysis for Hair Removal

A combination of many time consuming treatments and painful skin reactions means we are finding the demand for electrolysis shifting to newer technology. And when combined, the net effect, over several sessions, is that the hair is destroyed and little to no hair will regrow in that spot. The sensation is much less painful than electrolysis and you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself with shavers or irritating the skin or deal with ingrown hairs and regrowth. It’s the new, simple, effective way to achieve quick hair reduction.

Anyone that looks for electrolysis in Melbourne will most likely have tried out other forms of hair removal without success. Waxing, threading, shaving and plucking are short-term solutions that requires continued efforts to keep hairs away. Laser hair removal is another semi-permanent option that in certain hair types can worsen the hair growth. But when these modalities with Alkaline are combined, the results are far more pleasing than electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a more expensive option and it is worth considering the cost in the long term compared to the alternatives.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Here at The Aesthetic Lounge, our highly personalised approach has made us a firm favourite among local clients as well as those from much further away. We are not far away from Melbourne’s CBD and given that we excel with regards to all skin treatments in Melbourne, we promise that no matter how far you have to come, you will be met with a warm welcome and enjoy a comfortable, stress-free setting.

We offer the best hair removal in Melbourne with a proven track record delivered by a team that is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and who want to enhance your appearance however you wish. Book an appointment at our beauty salon in Hampton today.

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Why Electrolysis had to retire.

For more than 10 years we had been performing Electrolysis on many hundreds of clients, but the writing was on the wall. Electrolysis was being superseded by new technology, treatments that were quicker and less painful, yet we still found clients needed Electrolysis on their stubborn white hairs. The only problem was that clients were needing years worth of weekly, yes weekly appointments to clear stubborn areas of hair growth, like the chin and upper lip. We started searching for options that would allow our clients to be hair free without the ongoing hassle. After 2 years of research, we started to trial combinations of our many varied hair removal devices on our Electrolysis clients and quickly found that with a combined approach, at least 50% to 80% of the stubborn hairs were being reduced with our other modalities, which were quicker, cheaper and less painful. Slowly but surely our Electrolysis clients converted to a combination of Alkaline, Q-Switched Laser and IPL, this unique combination not only immediately slows and temporarily removes all the hairs from the area, but after only 10-15 treatments reduces 50% of the hairs.



One consult, a million possibilities - your hair removal journey starts here. Your therapist will customise a hair removal program to ensure rapid, safe and permanent results are achieved. Most programs include our unique mixed-modality approach to ensure we effectively target every hair, from fine to thick and white, red, blonde, black and every colour in between. We may perform a test patch and provide you with your skin preparation product routine to ensure your skin's readiness and guarantee your best results.

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Alkaline Hair Removal

From $105

Our alkaline wash provides pain-free and instant hair removal for fine and downy hair, also referred to as peach fuzz. Hairs that are treated with Alkaline will become softer and regrowth will be reduced. Combined with complementing hair reduction treatments, alkaline provides not only instant removal but long term permanency.


Q Switched Laser Hair Removal

From $80

Our specialised Laser will drastically reduce unwanted fine hairs from all facial and body areas, where other lasers simply fail. Unlike heat based lasers, our acoustic laser shatters the pigment and structure within the hair follicle to reduce dark fine hairs, to even fluffy light hairs.


IPL Hair Removal

From $80

Our Laser powered IPL, with dual wavelengths, will effectively remove unwanted coarse hairs from all facial and body areas. World leading IPL technology allows us to safely target and precisely heat medium to dark hairs, destroying the hair growth for a 90% permanent reduction.


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I wouldn't trust anybody or anywhere else to look after my skin needs . I have the utmost confidence and respect for the girls and now my daughter attends the clinic. All the girls at the clinic are so professional, passionate and committed.


I have been a regular at The Aesthetic Lounge for longer than I can remember. They're very professional & constantly updating their knowledge and providing the latest in skin treatments.


From start to finish this is a wonderful experience. The girls are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in the treatments they offer.


The girls are soooooo professional and friendly. They know exactly how to best treat your skin, and you can tell that they love what they are doing!


Amazing place!! So professional from the moment you walk in. Everyone is exceptional & experienced in their field. Highly recommend.


For therapists who are passionate about what they do and care about getting good results for their clients, this is the place. True experts and just the loveliest girls. Impossible not to love this place!


I have been here 3 times now and I find their knowledge as to how to solve your issues is fabulous and they DO solve them! Not just promise.


Absolutely fantastic service. It's a great location and the room is very calm and relaxing. My skin looks really great afterwards. Can't recommend this place enough!


Love love love my IPL results already!! Can't recommend this place enough.


Fabulous place. I have been going to them for the last 2 years and would not hesitate to recommend them. Very professional staff who provide the best service. My skin has never been so good.


I have been a client at The Aesthetic Lounge since they opened and have received consistently professional, warm and caring service at every appointment. And my skin has never looked better!


The staff are always extremely professional and courteous. Nothing is ever a problem. It is like walking into a beautiful calm sanctuary.


Thank you to the team at The Aesthetic Lounge, all the staff are so professional and knowledgeable. I was so impressed with the attention they gave me during and after my treatment.


I have been going to The Aesthetic Lounge for several years to treat different areas. I love the staff and I am so happy with the results.


They treat all customers with supreme care and kindness...and they actually deliver what they say, amazing service!


Thank you so much for your recommendation of the Aspect Clear Skin Kit for my 14 year old teenage son, it has made such a difference to his skin, whilst building his self confidence as it becomes clearer over time.


Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff who take the time and care to get it right... In hindsight - other salons I have previously visited while cheaper short term were wasting my time and my money and not getting results



Do I Need A Hair Removal Consultation Before My First Treatment?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone’s unwanted hair and skin is unique to only them, because of this we always consult with you before starting treatments to ensure we can give you the safest treatments and quickest results.

How Much Does Hair Removal Cost?

As our prices displayed on our website and through our online booking system are a guide only, upon consultation you will be provided with an accurate price for each hair removal session. On average small facial areas are treatable in 10 minute blocks.

How Do I Prepare My Skin To Achieve The Best Results For Permanent Hair Removal?

We understand that other clinics may treat your hair, when your skin is simply not ready, but we aren’t just another skin clinic.

Preparation and consistency are the keys to achieving long lasting, rapid results. For optimum hair reduction we recommended a series of treatments in conjunction with a specific skincare routine.

During your hair removal program your therapist may recommend and introduce a combination of Laser, IPL and /or Alkaline hair removal treatments to gain maximum hair reduction quickly. Download your Skin Preparation Guide here.

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